Will Divorces in the 2022 Recession be different than during the Great Recession?

Steps to Take to Make Divorce Simpler for Children

Children do not choose to initiate a divorce between their mother and father, the parents do. But even though they have no choice in the matter, they still have to deal with the repercussions of their parents’ choices.

How to Go About a Divorce Property Settlement

Divorce property settlements need not be an ugly and complicated procedure to undertake. Keeping a clear head and getting help from professionals will make things easier for both parties. Read this article for more insight.

Prenuptial Agreement: Essential Step to Consider Before Tying the Knot

In today’s rising cases of divorce all over the world, people entering in a marriage should wonder if a prenuptial agreement is a possible option. Read this article for more insight.

What You Should Know About Annulment

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot have your marriage annulled because you did not consummate the union or because you changed your mind shortly after the ceremony. This article will outline the bases for annulment under Virginia law and the differences between annulment and divorce.

How to Legally Change Your Name in Virginia

In Virginia, you can change your name by filing a petition or application with the circuit court of the county or city where you live. Specific information must be included in the petition. Those specifics are set forth in this article.

Tax Deductions and Your Child Support Case, an Indiana Perspective

Indiana family law allows for a Court to split income tax exemptions between parents involved in a divorce case or a paternity case. In examining each case, the Court will look at how the exemptions would impact each parents return and the contributions that each parent makes to the support of the child.

Understanding Differences Between Restraining Orders and Other Terminology

Different states use different terminology to refer to restraining orders, including terms like peace order or protective order. Maryland residents need to know about the differences between these terms, and how they are utilized within the state.

Overview of Different Types of Divorce Cases and Causes

There are many types of divorce, divorce cases and varying divorce laws in Maryland. It’s important to be fully informed of the Maryland divorce procedures and circumstances which may apply to you individually. All states have slightly different codes, regulations and terminology, so it’s important to learn what’s involved.

Divorce Mediation Set to Become Mandatory Before Litigation in South Africa

Divorce mediators in South Africa have been free to operate without any form of regulation in terms of training and skills. Since the introduction of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 in April 2007 there have been moves to have divorce mediators accredited through a national accreditation body in order to meet the anticipated introduction of mandatory mediation of contested divorce matters prior to litigation proceedings.

Maryland Child Support Laws: Basic Information and Regulations

Learn all about the current Maryland child support laws which may be applicable to you. Whenever you need to take legal action, be sure to find qualified Maryland child support lawyers.

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