When is my kid old enough to speak to the judge?

Step Parent Adoption, An Affectionate Way to Offer Security of Life for a Child

Step parent adoption is a process which is relatively simple in most of the States in the United States. And it can be a rewarding experience if the parents are able to understand the responsibilities which accompanies it. It’s a lifelong relationship with no possibility of reverting even if you wish to do so. If you are someone planning to adopt a child, it is highly recommended that you should understand your duties as a step parent.

When Couples Separate But Do Not Divorce

Every year, millions of married couples decide to go their separate ways. While their reasons may vary, some couples choose to live apart but do not go through the divorce process. Regardless of the reason, couples who separate but do not divorce can face unique circumstances if one of them passes away.

Child Support Guidelines for Maryland: Calculating Your Child Support Payment

In late 2010 Maryland changed its child support guidelines for the first time in 20 years. The impact is being felt at all income levels by both recipients of child support as well as those making the payments. This article discusses the changes, how it affects Maryland child support calculation, and enforcement of child support in Maryland.

Factors to Consider When Creating Long Distance Custody Agreements and Visitation Schedules

Custody battles can be complicated when distance is involved. Here are some factors you may want to consider when creating long distance custody arrangements.

Divorce Law and Child Custody

One of the biggest concerns many couples have when they get a divorce is who will have custody of the children. Some couples can work out an amicable agreement for child custody on their own. These people may not need to contact a family law specialist; if the court thinks their agreement is fair, they can get their divorce without a lawyer. In many other families, however, the situation has gotten so bad that neither party can think clearly when the other person is involved. If you have this kind of problem, it might be time to learn more about divorce law and how it applies to child custody cases.

Should I Get a Divorce?

No couple goes into marriage expecting to be just another divorce statistic, but the truth is that about four out of 10 marriages don’t work out. There’s nothing wrong with getting a divorce if you and your spouse aren’t happy and aren’t likely to make it work in the future. Before you take that big step, however, there are a few things you should consider.

How to Select a Divorce Lawyer – One Size Does Not Fit All

You need a good divorce lawyer. This article will help you discover if the lawyer you are interviewing fits that description.

Military Divorce Issues Facing Military Officers and Service Members

While military officers and service members face the same family law matters that their civilian counterparts face, they are also likely to deal with more complex issues when getting a divorce such as retirement, pension, child relocation and the like. Service Member Relief Act Issues In 2003, President George Bush signed into law the Service Member Relief Act (SMRA) that grants a service member the absolute right to momentarily stop or “stay” a divorce case for a certain period of time when the service member is serving overseas. The SMRA requires a minimum “stay”…

Divorce Law Questions

Filing for divorce does not require justification in many states. However, divorce law varies from state to state, and that can make it daunting for most people. Most divorces are emotional and stressful experiences even without the legal complexities…

Guide to a Child Support Order Review

When parents get divorced or separated and they have a child or children, the non-custodial parent often needs to pay child support. The court may set the amount of child support after an agreement between the parents but this is not a fixed amount. It may change whenever there are special circumstances depending on the child’s needs and the financial situation of the non-custodial parent.

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