What is the perfect amount of time for a divorce mediation?

Arbitration Vs Mediation: Pros and Cons

What’s the difference between Arbitration and Mediation? There’s often confusion about which one of these two legal methods works best for divorce. Here’s some information to help you make the best decision for your divorce.

Getting Divorced? 5 Tips on Breaking the News to Your Child

Even if it’s the best choice for your spouse and you, it’s never an easy decision to get a divorce. A divorce after having children is a game-changer regardless if you or your partner want to stay in touch once the paperwork is finalized. Even if you plan on the split being civilized, it’s going to take a toll on the children when they don’t get to go home to both mommy and daddy after school.

Dissolving a Marriage – Estate Planning and Divorce

Clients contemplating divorce need to consider revision of their estate plans. Dissolving a marriage often renders previously prepared estate plans ineffective and couple’s marital assets are subject to certain laws dealing with intestate succession. Intestate succession is the method by which property is distributed when a person dies without a valid will.

Social Media’s Impact on Divorce

Social media has impacted our society in many good ways. Our lives have been made easier. Pretty much anything we want to know is quickly found at the end of a mouse click.

Pet Custody Rights – Big Issues in Divorces

It used to be that in terms of custody rights in divorce decisions, we thought only of children, but as pet ownership has soared and pets have become beloved family members, custody rights for pets have become a big issue. Two states have even gone so far as to enact legislation (other states are considering it) that supports a form of custody when it comes to family pets. Though in most states pets are still considered personal property, Illinois and Alaska have forged ahead and passed pet-custody legislation that looks at pet rights with a different perspective.

Five Major Aspects You Need to Know About Family Law

In the present times, many of couples are getting divorced and not getting desirable outcomes because they do not have enough knowledge about family law. Well, you need to clearly understand the said sector as that would guarantee smooth management.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Seeking the assistance from the experts of the industry will help you to get the best Pre Matrimonial Investigation facilities. Hiring the professional of the industry will help you to check for the past record of the person you are going to select as your life partner. The professionals of the company will check for every aspects of the person’s life. This will surely be beneficial for you to find a suitable person as your life partner.

Is Equitable Distribution of Marital and Non-Marital Assets the Same As Equal Distribution?

No, equitable distribution of marital and non-marital assets is not the same as equal distribution. Equal distribution states, known as community property states include California, Louisiana, New Mexico, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, and by agreement of both parties, Alaska. All other states distribute marital assets using the term “equitable” which, in legal terms, means “fair” distribution of assets.

Probate Lawyer – Do I Need One?

Probate lawyers offer their services for the settlement and distribution of your assets after you have passed away. Probate lawyers can be hired in situations where you have a will and also in situations where you haven’t decided on a will. Deciding whether to hire a probate lawyer or not is a decision that keeps a lot of people confused. In this article, we look at certain reasons why choosing the services of a probate attorney might prove to be beneficial for you.

Parenting Arrangements in Family Law – Everything You Must Know

It is in the best interests of children when both parents equally undertake the responsibility for their care, maintenance, and support. Such solutions are more amicable and better for the child’s development. However, if there is bitterness involved in a relationship, and it is not possible to reach a mutual solution then parents can always seek the assistance of the Family Law court.

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