What is Post Divorce Mediation?

How Legal Aid Changes Will Affect Families

The changes that take effect from the 1st April 2013 will mean that families separating or divorcing, going through custody or contact disputes will no longer be able to receive legal aid. This is likely to mean, in my view, that there will be many more litigants in person and that court cases may take longer to be completed. It may also put a greater strain on court staff who are already bowing under the pressure of cases in the system.

3 Tips To Save Divorce Lawyer Expenses

Attorneys like to get fees a lot better than people like to pay them. Nevertheless, you may need professional help if you are getting divorced. What’s more, your spouse may need the help, and you could end up paying for her to get it.

Can My Cell Phone Be Used in a Divorce?

In this day of high technology where everyone has a cell phone attached to their hip or a PDA or tablet in their pocket, these devices have become common weapons in divorce cases because of e-blogging, texts and voicemails. Particularly, smart phones are huge contributors in tempting people to document their divorce experience on either Twitter or Facebook or both as well as sending an irrevocable text message to your soon to be ex-spouse. The best advice here is to STOP, lay the phone down, breath, walk away, sit down and think. The reason is because these texts and posts CAN and DO get brought up in court.

What Are Phone Lawyers?

There comes a time in any person’s life that he or she will need a lawyer in order to defend him or her in court for various reasons such as professional conflicts, business misunderstandings, divorces, crimes, etc. But sometimes finding the right lawyer for their legal issues can be quiet troublesome and time-consuming.

The Divorce Process: 4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

A divorce lawyer can be very helpful when trying to work through the process. Consider the benefits of using this professional to aid you when you need it.

How to Avoid Potential Divorce Problems

Divorce is such a complicated and messy procedure that can turn your world upside down. Not only will you have to learn how to live your life separately from your ex-spouse, you also have to deal with legalities and financial issues.Here are a few tips to help you avoid some common divorce problems that might develop.

Who Said You Do Not Need a Family Lawyer?

Who told you that you do not need a family lawyer? Your friends? Your neighbors? Do you believe them? Tell you what? Ideally, every family should have a lawyer to represent them. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to hire a family lawyer. Heck, some cannot even maintain a health insurance.

Gaining an Understanding of What Family Law Is

For those looking to become family law practitioners, or those looking for help from such a professional, it’s important to understand the basic information of this practice area. It helps to learn about what a professional in the field does on an average day.

Why Communication With Your Divorce Lawyer Is So Important

Effective communication with your family law attorney will help your attorney to gather all of the information he or she needs to put your case together. Proper communications can also help to reduce your attorney fees at the same time.

Frivolous Motions Are a Bad Idea in Divorce and Custody Cases

I am a family law attorney, also known as a divorce lawyer, in the Rochester Hills area of Oakland County Michigan. One of the most difficult aspects of my job is advising people that they are not acting in an appropriate manner and that unless they change how the behavior, he or she faces losing custody or limiting visitation with the children. Further, that if the client continues to seek legal redress of their issues in court, the client may face paying for the other side’s attorney fees and costs.

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