What is Family Mediation?

Considering Divorce in Rhode Island or Massachusetts? Know Your Options

Divorce isn’t easy; we all know that. Knowing how the process works can remove the uncertainty from at least one aspect of it. Did you know that there are two ways to proceed with a divorce in Massachusetts and Rhode Island? As a lawyer in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, I am often asked about contested versus uncontested divorce, what a “nominal” divorce is, among other things. This article sets forth the basics concerning divorce in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Protecting Property Selling When In Divorce

Going through a divorce can be very stressful, and the involved parties are left with permanent scars for the rest of their lives. Besides fighting for child custody, there are other battles that can spring up during the marital separation, such as division of assets.

Steps to Take When Choosing Divorce Lawyers

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage is rarely easy. Learn the steps for choosing divorce lawyers so you know how to proceed.

Six Issues to Ask A Family Law Attorney

What does a family law attorney do? It might surprise you to learn that they are much more than divorce lawyers. They help people handle issues such as adoption, alimony, child custody, and more.

Five Common Types of Family Law Issues

Family law is an umbrella term for a variety of legal issues. An attorney can help you navigate these different areas of the legal system.

Family Law Procedure Rules

When should this form be used? The certificate of compliance with binding disclosure requires all individuals in the dissolution of marriage to provide the other party with specific documents and financial information. It is required that these documents are given either through mail or hand delivery to the other party between a time frame of 45 days of service of the petition for dissolution of marriage or adscititious petition for changes on the respondent.

In a Miserable Situation, Stay for the Kids?

Many people struggle with the question, “Do I remain in my relationship for the sake of my kids or try to move on?” Or another question, My children’s mother/father is so evil and is jeopardizing my new family, should I give up on my oldest children? It is NEVER an easy question to determine but it is a question that requires deep thought and courage. This article speaks about the possibility of moving on and not giving up on your oldest children because of a lying and negative ex.

When To Hire A Family Law Attorney

At some point in our lives, we all need legal representation. In the case of family law, council can include anything from successions and wills to custody agreements and divorce.

Why You Need A Family Law Attorney If You Are Considering Divorce

Is your marriage coming to an end? A family law lawyer can help you get through the difficult times that lie ahead.

Five Reasons to Contact a Divorce Attorney

Have you and your spouse decided to go your separate ways? Here are five reasons you should contact a divorce attorney before you begin to talk about the terms.

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