What is Divorce Mediation?

Before Divorce – Financial Issues

When you are first going thinking of obtaining a divorce, there are usually a million and one questions running through your head, and one of them is usually concerning financial issues. How much will this cost? What about our current bills?

Before Divorce – Telling Your Children About Divorce

When you are a father first thinking of going through the divorce process, there are a million questions running through your head, but first and foremost are questions regarding your children. Will they be ok? How do I tell them?

Before Divorce – Child Support

When you are first thinking about obtaining a divorce, money issues is usually one of the first things most people think about, especially if children are involved. Most guys try to do the “right” thing and continue to support their children once the decision to obtain a divorce has been made and the father has moved out of the family home. However, this is often a mistake and can cause major issues later on that could takes months and large legal fees to sort out in court.

Before Divorce – When to Move Out

When first thinking about getting a divorce, one of the impulsive things most men consider is moving out right away from the family home. This can be a big mistake for many reasons and we always caution fathers against moving out right away. First, if you move out right away and before you’ve even filed for divorce, you will be giving her more control than you realize, especially if the relationship between you two becomes unpleasant or nasty in any way.

Coming Out Of A Military Divorce Successfully With Expert Mediation

Because of the nature of military service, going through a military divorce can be hard for most people. Coming out of a military divorce successfully depends solely on how the matter is dealt with. Mediation, according to the best opinions in this field, is the best way for a couple, with a military spouse to ensure that the divorce is smooth, less stressful and is settled as amicably as possible.

What If You Could Change Your Mind From Divorcing?

Entering a divorce is a painful decision for both parties. The decision is not arrived at lightly and the process is just as painful. Many couples divorcing started out in love; where did the love go?

Divorced Fathers Rights

How many times in your life have you looked at a document, especially a divorce agreement, and just signed it without truly understanding the content within? Are your divorced fathers rights really going to be protected? Is any of this going to affect me later on after my divorce? You should be asking yourself these and other tough questions before signing anything… PERIOD… because they will affect you later on.

Divorce and Mediation Services in California

Mediation is often seen as a crucial part of the divorce process; however, there are still a number of people who are not fully acquainted with what the mediation process involves. The first thing you need to understand is that all divorces that take place in the state of California have to be dealt with via the Superior Court system.

Hiring a Family Lawyer Is Important

Why do people need to hire family lawyers? This article aims to enumerate a few of the main reasons why families should work with these legal professionals.

Minimizing the Cost of Divorce

If you are in the unfortunate situation of preparing for a divorce, then you may be wondering how much the process will cost you. Since every marriage is different, it is impossible to say exactly how much you will pay for your divorce, and there are several factors that can affect the cost. While some lawyers will allow you to pay a flat fee for their services, most divorce lawyers will charge you by the hour. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to minimize the legal fees that you will incur.

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