What is a Financial Neutral in Divorce? (Mediation and Litigation Florida and Missouri)

What to Look For in a Child Custody Lawyer

Searching for a child custody lawyer? Follow our advice to find a reputable attorney in your zip code.

Family Law Attorney Guidance – Understanding the Divorce Process

Divorce is a difficult exercise. A family law attorney can help you understand the process that’s most applicable to your situation.

Ask A Domestic Violence Lawyer: Taking Time Off Work

When it comes to domestic abuse, it is crucial to ensure employees have enough time away from work to heal. A domestic violence lawyer can assist by explaining all of your rights.

Facing Child Support Issues Head On

It’s unthinkable, but sometimes a parent refuses to pay child support. Dealing with this difficult problem doesn’t have to be done alone.

Working With Law Firms: Late Life Divorce

When couples end their marriage later in life, it is important to work closely to with law firms to ensure all assets are divided properly. This includes the home, retirement benefits, and social security.

Think You May Need A Family Law Attorney?

A family law attorney deals with cases of marriage, divorce, child support, child abuse and neglect, restraining order issues, guardianship, and adoption. It can be difficult to determine if your case requires legal aid and even more difficult to find the right representative, but here are some guiding questions and tips to help you get started.

Five Reasons for Marital Distress and Why You May Need a Divorce Attorney

Marriages dissolve for a variety of reasons. Here are some typical issues that commonly lead to marital distress and may signal that it’s time to hire a divorce attorney.

Family Law Attorney Advice: Who Gets The Family Pet In A Divorce?

When a couple divorces, deciding who gets the pets can be a major decision to make. A family law attorney can assist in drafting an arrangement that is fair to all involved.

Can One Parent Move Away Without the Other Parent’s Approval?

Many reasons can affect a parent’s decision to move away from their current locale: Promising career opportunities; better emotional or financial support networks (e.g. closer to family and friends), or remarriage.

8 Different Ways Different States Treat Divorce

A divorce is a divorce is a divorce. Right? Not exactly. Divorce laws are governed by state law and that means that they can differ widely. Here are 8 state laws about divorce that may surprise you.

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