What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Can You Modify Child Support?

Child support amounts, ordered by the court, can be modified. To modify there needs to be a change in circumstances. There are typically three circumstances under which orders can be modified; 1) there has been at least a 20 percent change in a parent’s gross income, 2) three years has passed since the last child support order, or 3) there has been a change in custody.

The Grounds for Divorce in Singapore

In Singapore, either the husband or the wife can initiate the divorce process on a fault or non-fault basis. According to the law, there is only one ground for divorce, which is the fact that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Handling a divorce case is a critical situation. If you have been in a long-term marriage then many things are to be divided among you and your partner. Especially if you are having children then things become more complicated.

Who Has Jurisdiction When a Child Is Born to a Native American Parent?

When a child is born to a Native American parent, or is identified as a member of a Native American tribe, specific guidelines need to be followed in a number of custody matters. These mandatory guidelines were first passed into law in 1978 as the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). This federal law governs jurisdiction over the removal of American Indian and Alaska Native children from their parents and helps them remain connected to their families, cultures, and communities.

Learn More About a Divorce Lawyer

As the time modernizes, people getting surrounded by rules, laws and mostly needs a lawyer. A person practicing law is termed as lawyer and lawyers are of many types. Now a day, divorce has become a very important issue as it not only affects the couple but probably their children too.

How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney for Men

Finding the right attorney for you can make a significant difference for any legal issue. Finding the right divorce attorney for men in particular is no different, and this guide helps show how.

How Divorce Impacts Immigration and Residency Status

The area of immigration becomes even more confusing when marriage, and then separation or divorce, are considered. Use this guide to learn more about the issues at hand.

How Divorce Will Have an Impact on Your Business

When you decide to divorce your partner, you not only divide yourself emotionally, but you also divide financially. Financial separation can mean dividing all your assets or by paying money as a settlement. The biggest impact that a divorce has is on the business of a person, because if the divorce is not mutual, you might mess up the business due to your emotional troubles and even if it is mutual, the business might be divided as alimony.

Half – The Four Letter Word in Divorce

Do spouses, who are going through a divorce, divide all the assets and debts in half? Yes, and half is never enough for one spouse, and too much for the other.

I’m Divorced! Well, Almost

When the judge makes a final decision you are divorced, most couples think they are. Not always in Nevada. There is a delay from the judge making a decision in court and when an order declaring the divorce final is actually filed and noticed.

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