Using Zoom in Divorce Mediation

How Does the Law of Property Distribution in Divorce Work?

When considering what has happened in the United States in relation to the distribution of property in divorce proceedings, the first necessary observation is that there are in existence two concurrent systems. One is termed the common law system and the other the community property system. The common law property system is based on the evidence of title and where someone holds title to property, they will usually be able to take it with them should the marriage breakdown.

Divorce – The Problem of Obtaining Car Insurance for a Child Who Resides Equally With Both Parents

Children of divorce may spend equal time with both parents which sometimes can create a problem when applying for car insurance. This article offers several solutions.

A Quick Look At How Divorce Attorneys Work In Various States

There are certain details which a divorce attorney will not disclose. This article will discuss on this.

Working Together After Divorce

There are millions of family businesses in the US, and even a buzz-word, “copreneurs,” to describe couples who work together. Unfortunately, with half of all marriages ending in divorce, many of those businesses can end up entangled in the separation process. If people want to keep working together after divorce, there are steps they can take to make success more likely.

Informal Marriage Law, Common Law Marriages and Cohabitation Agreements or Contracts

Informal marriage has often been misunderstood because of the widely held belief that unless a couple goes through a formal ceremony, no matter how simple, with documentation, they are now really married. The commonly held belief in our cultures is also that there no requirements for the establishment of an informal marriage, but that individuals have complete autonomy over their rights and obligations and indeed their choices in relation to the formation of an informal marriage relationship. In reality, informal marriage has a number of requirements and if it is established according to the tests imposed legally, the result is…

An Overview of the Development of the Laws of Divorce

In the United States, the laws which govern divorce have undergone a number processes of change and variation which reflect the changing social fabric of this country and the complex changes in economic, social and political forces that shape the laws of marriage at a deep level. However, an astute observer of marriage law changes will notice that despite major changes in the laws of marriage occurred towards the end of the 20th Century and since this period there has been relative stability. Some scholars attribute this stability to the absorption of feminism into mainstream political thought which occurred late…

How Did the Law of Registered Domestic Partnership Develop?

A registered domestic partnership is a development from the law that emerged around cohabitation agreements and contractual cohabitations. The development of this area of the law represented a leap into the world of state regulated ‘informal’ partnerships. There are a variety of requirements relating to the maintenance, establishment and registration of the relationship and these requirements vary from state to state.

The Reasons for Having a Cohabitation Agreement

Cohabitation is becoming more and more common as a form of family arrangement in the United States. It is essentially a relationship that is established when two adults live together without being either formally or informally married and without a desire to be married. There can be a variety of reasons why a couple will want to enter into a cohabitation arrangement.

The Legal Enforceability of a Cohabitation Contract or Agreement

Sometimes an important question which arises with cohabitation contracts is if they should take over the secular or functional equivalent of a traditional marriage to separate the issues involved in marriage. This is because a cohabitation contract often has all of the necessary elements of the traditional legal formulation of marriage which involves a a set of rights and obligations which are enforceable. Sometimes, however, courts have equivocated on the question of whether a cohabitation contract should be allowed as a basis for dividing property, assets, the calculation of child support payments, alimony and other elements.

Florida Residents and Divorce: 10 Things You Need to Know

Not every state has the same rules, regulations, or even laws when it comes to divorce proceedings. That is why it is important for Florida residents to know exactly what their options might be when then are contemplating a divorce.

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