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Inheritance Rules for Non-Muslims in the UAE

Although Article 17/1 of the Civil Code of the UAE provides that it is the law of the deceased that shall govern the inheritance at the time of his death, Article 17(5) of the same law provided that UAE law shall apply to wills made by aliens disposing of their real property located in the State. Moreover, Article 1/2 of the UAE Personal Status Law states that “the provisions of the law shall apply to non-UAE nationals unless the foreigner elects to apply his or her personal status law”.

Pro Se Divorce

Deciding to get a divorce is usually a very difficult decision and is normally quite confusing. Once you have made the decision you may have input from others as what you need to do legally to get a divorce. It is important to remember that every state is different and has different laws pertaining to divorce.

Five Good Reasons to Get a Family Law Attorney

Do you need a family law attorney? Whether your legal concern pertains to your marriage or financial matters, these legal specialists may be exactly what you need.

What Every Divorce Lawyer Wants You to Know

Breaking up a family is always a tough decision to make, even if it is for the best. An experienced divorce lawyer is an asset in these situations, as they can protect your rights throughout the legal process.

When’s The Right Time To Call A Family Law Attorney?

The study of law is vast, as there are different types of lawyers that specialize in certain practices, such as family law. Understanding when to call a family lawyer, and for what purposes, can be helpful for anyone looking to hire an attorney within these contexts.

Before Shopping for Divorce Lawyers, Five Reasons to Seek Counseling

You’re ready to talk to divorce lawyers, but it’s usually better to start with marital counseling. Here are five signs to know when you should start looking for some kind of help. Violence, infidelity, poor communication, kids entering adulthood, and indecision are all signs to start.

Four Questions To Ask a Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence puts the lives of the injured party and his or her loved ones at stake. A domestic violence lawyer can help the victim obtain needed protection. But before hiring an attorney, ask these questions to understand exactly what a lawyer can do to help you.

Divorce Lawyers Before Marriage: Three Reasons For A Prenup

If you are planning to marry and you hold significant assets, you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement. Divorce lawyers are very good at drawing these up for couples.

Frequently Asked Questions For A Family Law Attorney

An enormous area of legal practice, most folks are unaware of what exactly family law entails. Here are answers to five common questions a family law attorney receives.

A Divorce Lawyer Is More Than Just A Litigator

For a divorce lawyer, there is much more involved than just handling the necessary court procedure ending a marriage. Dealing with the changing scope of domestic relations law means assuming a variety of roles that can carry on well after the litigation ends.

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