SmolenPlevy’s Alan Plevy on Mediation in Divorce

The Importance of Marriage Dissolution and Pensions

Pension assets in a dissolution of marriage are often highly disputed. Emotions get involved, large amounts of money are at stake, and the recipe for a nasty divorce is set. As both sides in the divorce proceedings have an interest in what values are placed on the pensions, real estate holdings and investments, setting a proper valuation becomes imperative in contemplating a divorce settlement.

You Need a Second Opinion

Second opinions are not limited to medicine. Clients can seek second opinions in legal matters, too. Apart from choosing the wrong lawyer, a common mistake is for a client who is not receiving good representation to blindly continue down the path that is not working. This article will tell you when you need a second opinion.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

A divorce is a legal matter that concerns the ending of a marriage of a married couple, and as well as ending the marriage, it will also help the couple to work out the dispersal of possessions and any child custody issues. Because a divorce is the ending of a marriage, it can often be a difficult time and that means that there is the possibility of complications and conflict when it comes to deciding on which parent has the children and the family home etc.

I Want a Restraining Order: What Evidence Will I Need to Ensure One?

Restraining orders are often a first and critical step for those people who wish to remove themselves from dangerous and threatening situations of abuse, stalking, or harassment. If you or someone you know has decided to file a restraining order against an abuser, stalker, or harasser, you may wonder exactly how much evidence you or your loved one will need in court to ensure that the judge grants you the restraining order. To ensure a restraining order, you must prove that acts of domestic abuse or harassment, as defined by law, were committed…

A Collaboration Model of Adoption

The following article proposes a prototype of adoption planning to improve current adoption issues and challenges. Collaborating in an adoption plan allows those involved in the adoption to receive appropriate education and perspective to address the child’s best interest.

Issues to Consider Before You File for Divorce

There are several issues that you need to consider before you file for divorce. Jumping right into it can lead to disaster. This articles will explore the issues that you should think about before making the final decision to end your marriage forever.

How to Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce

Divorce is hard on everyone in a family, but it is especially difficult for the kids. If you are going through a divorce, then you need to pay careful attention to how your children are reacting to the change. While it will be difficult for them, there are some things you can do to make the process easier. You may feel a great deal of guilt about your divorce, but you don’t need to let this affect the way you parent your children. They still need a firm hand and a steady approach to their daily lives.

Family Law and Unmarried Parents

Family law issues do not always involve a divorce, or marriage dissolution. What about in the case of where there was never a marriage to begin with?

Divorce Mediation As an Alternative to Traditional Divorce Litigation

Divorce in any state can be a time consuming and expensive procedure. Divorce mediation gives you the opportunity to save money, get divorce faster and maintain a better relationship with your spouse post-divorce.

What Is Cross Examination?

Cross examination is about being asked questions whilst in the witness box at court. in order to answer the questions asked of you in a sensible coherent manner it is vital that you take the time to plan and prepare diligently for giving evidence at court. This means it’s important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case and of your opponents.

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