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Division of Assets: An Essential Matter Of Marriage Dissolution

Among the most important issues of a marriage dissolution is the division of assets between the two spouses. The Cyprus jurisdiction will deal with the division of assets in accordance with the Law Regulating Property Relations of Spouses (Law 232/1991).

The Cost of Marriage: Divorce

We go into marriage with every intention of it lasting a lifetime. Who plans to get a divorce when they get married? It is becoming a very familiar reality in today’s world.

Why Do You Need an Attorney for Marital Arrangements and Settlements?

It is very unfortunate, when you are on the verge to sign a divorce agreement. But in spite of the emotional breakdown, you have to be caution before signing any agreement of settlement framed by the attorney of your spouse.

What Change of Circumstances Can Require Modification of a Court Order?

During the divorce process, separating couples have to agree on a number of issues, such as spousal support (alimony), child support, and child custody and visitation schedule. Couples make these decisions based on their individual circumstances at the time of separation, but life happens, and things may change in the future. So how much change needs to happen for one of the ex-spouses to request a change of the prior divorce decree?

The Legal Side of Divorce: Getting To Know The Basics

Divorces can often get very ugly, especially when there are kids involved and when it comes to money. Even though a lot of people sit back and let their lawyers handle the talks, it is good to have a small idea of the basic legalities that are involved. Of course, every state has slightly different laws but the basic structure is usually quite similar.

Child Support 101: Income, Restrictions, and Renegotiating Child Support Payments

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. If you lose your job or go through some hard times, you may need help renegotiating your child support payments in order to stay current.

Why Hire an Attorney for Child Support Problems

Child support is not supposed to be used to punish the non-custodial parent, but to benefit the child. No matter if you are the custodial parent or not, there may be times when you need a little help getting those payments.

Gender-Specific Divorce Attorneys

There are some divorce attorneys who represent only a specific gender and for good reason. However, there are always several things to consider before hiring someone.

What Are the Different Areas of Family Law?

Family law is about so much more than just divorce. These trained attorneys handle adoption, name changes, and even restraining orders.

How To Know If You Should You Hire a Divorce Attorney

Deciding to end a marriage is never an easy decision to make. Once that choice is made, other questions arise including whether you should hire a divorce attorney.

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