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Will Your Family Law Attorney Suggest Divorce Mediation? Four Ways to Know

If you and your spouse have decided to amicably end your marriage, you may want to consider using a mediator instead of going through traditional proceedings. Your family law attorney can suggest a mediator to use and can be present throughout the process if you wish. Here are some instances in which mediation is an option.

The Consequences of Not Paying Child Support

Falling behind on child support can have serious repercussions. Learn the risks before you let payments slide.

How Divorce Lawyers Can Help

Divorce lawyers practice family law. Learn how attorneys with this specialty can assist you.

Selling Property During a Divorce

In most states, when one spouse to a marriage files for a divorce, an automatic stay results. That stay prohibits either party from disposing of any property in any way other than ordinary living expenses without order of court or agreement by the other spouse. It operates to maintain the status quo during the pendency of the proceedings while the court decides how to divide the parties’ property. If a state doesn’t have an automatic stay, a court is going to frown on any unilateral disposition of property without its permission or the consent of the other spouse.

Tips For Minimizing The Pain And Expense Of Divorce

Divorce survival guide. Remove your emotions from the divorce process to come out ahead of the game.

Divorce, Social Security and Income Benefit Options

Divorcees may be entitled to an ex-spousal benefit. This article discusses divorcee benefit options and eligibility requirements. A scenario based example is used at the end to solidify understanding.

Some Things Everyone Should Know About Family Law

Family law is often complicated and emotionally charged. You need a skilled counselor to guide you through these troubling times.

5 “Must Know” Points for Grandchild Adoption Cases

Adopting a grandchild is not simple as that. Here are some professional points every grandparent must know who wish to get the custody of their grandchildren.

How To Find The Best Family Attorney To Handle Your Divorce

Trying to find the best family attorneys can be daunting. With a little direction and preparation, the situation doesn’t have to intimidate.

Child Custody Disputes Between Parents and Third Parties

Family law cases involving issues of child custody and/or parenting time are emotionally challenging for all concerned. The typical dispute involves a child’s two parents, each trying to convince the trial judge that she or he is more suited to be the primary custodial parent, or is deserving of more parenting time with the child than the other parent will agree to, or some variant of one or the other. Family law judges in Oregon, when deciding these emotional tug-of-wars, are required by statute to give primary consideration to “the best interests and welfare of the child.” The governing statute provides the court with a checklist of factors to be considered in making that “best interests” determination.

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