Mediation and the Next Generation

Will Mediation Bring Us Back Together?

By the time struggling couples decide to hire a divorce mediator, one or both of the spouses have decided that the marriage has deteriorated so much, it is beyond saving and therefore should end. Spouses often agree on using divorce mediation instead of expensive and lengthy litigation when they believe they can handle all of the issues relating to divorce, such as separation of assets and debt, child custody and visitation arrangements, and spousal and child support, and find common ground with few arguments. It is important to realize that most couples who have reached the decision…

Divorcing Later in Life: 3 Major Issues You Have to Deal With

Since 1900, the divorce rate among people age 50 and older has more than doubled, accounting for more than 10% of all divorces. These so-called “gray divorces” are the result of people living longer and not wanting to spend that time with someone they no longer love; being empty nesters with no common interests or goals; children leaving the home, thus eliminating the primary reason to stay together; and more women earning their own income so they are not dependent upon their husband’s being the sole breadwinner. Second and third marriages have high failure rates and also tend to contribute…

Family Law Attorney Help: How Can an Evaluator Help Facilitate Child Custody?

When couples divorce, custody is a significant aspect of the hearing. For parents who cannot agree on an arrangement but want to avoid court, a family law attorney may advise the assistance of an evaluator.

Understanding the Basics of Child Support

When one parent has a greater share of custody of a child, the other may be required to pay child support to financially assist the custodial parent or guardian. While this is meant to assure that a young person is not left at a disadvantage, it can pose a number of complications for the adults involved, and the specifics vary from state to state. Here is a guide to how the process works.

Reasons You Need Child Support Representation

Child support is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a court order that is very serious and you may need help fully understanding what it means.

Divorce Mediation Not Working? When to Get a Lawyer

When facing the difficult decision to divorce, many couples consider either litigation (each spouse uses their own attorney), or mediation (both spouses work with one neutral divorce mediator to reach an agreement) and usually believe these two options are exclusive of each other. While mediation tends to encourage cooperation and communication between spouses, an experienced mediator will never advise separating partners against seeking legal advice at any time during the divorce proceedings. In fact, family law attorneys are often involved at one step or another of the mediation process.

An Alternative to Litigated Divorce – MEDIATION!

The field of Family Law has gone through many changes during the last decade. Changes in settlement options, custody arrangements, and spousal support issues have all been debated and altered to varying degrees. But one thing that has not changed is the complexity of litigated divorce proceedings and the public’s interest in pursuing alternatives.

Triple Talaq and Indian Muslims

Islam appears a backward religion though at one point when it made its appearance it was considered a progressive force. However what is progressive in the 6th century may not be so in the 21st century. This is seen from the laws regarding divorce and marriage, where women are at the receiving end.

Five Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Family Law Attorney

If you are in the process of ending your marriage, you are likely facing a plethora of emotionally draining and legally complex issues. Before deciding on a family law attorney, here are five important questions that should get the process started on the right foot.

Five Essential Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

Ending a marriage often involves complex emotional and legal issues. Here are five key questions to ask your divorce lawyer to make the legal aspect of the process more manageable.

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