LKW Family Mediation – How to divorce if you don’t want to separate

What Is a Clean Break Order?

You may have heard of clean break orders, but you probably don’t know the law surrounding them. When you get married, you both get a mutual obligation which states you must maintain and support each other. This is not ended when you divorce unless you apply for a Clean Break Order.

Maintenance Orders After Divorce

Maintenance is simply periodical payments to a spouse during and after a divorce. They are based on the spouses needs and is most commonly given when a spouse has needs that could not be met otherwise.

Cohabitation, Ways to Protect Yourself

Cohabitation is when you are living with someone else, but you are married to them. There are many things that can go wrong and end you up financially out of pocket, or without a place to live.

Outsmart Death by Preparing for It

There are things in life that never fail to catch us off balance-a lucky strike, rain on summer, love, knowing that your boyfriend is gay, death. Like love, people regard death as a natural phenomenon, something that every one of us will have to face.

Marriage Records Retrievable for Public Use

Public marriage records are never different from the other legal records even in the past. The laws applied to the other vital documents are also applied to these marriage reports. An implemented law mandates all the states in America to keep up these particular records for a number of reasons.

What Constitutes Child Neglect?

Childhood is often seen as a time filled with love and innocence. While children can sometimes misbehave, their follies are viewed by many adults as being relatively minor. Most children receive all the care and guidance that they need during their formative years-however, this is not the case in all situations. In certain circumstances, children are not only left to fend for themselves, but may actually suffer from legal forms of neglect. To avoid charges of child neglect, parents and loved ones should have a solid understanding of the basics behind this serious claim.

Events That Usually Call for Big Family Reunions

We all love big gatherings. While some of us prefer to be with friends than with family, there are events in a person’s life that demand the presence of at least half of your clan.

Celebrate the Holidays by Resolving Family Conflict

Christmas is widely known as a time for love and sharing. But it is also a representation and celebration of relationships and heartfelt emotions. In the movies, we can often find the characters speaking their true feelings only because it is Christmas. And we are not just talking about love stories but stories about family and broken relationships.

Divorce, or a Clean Break Order?

With marriage, comes an obligation to support each other. This obligation does not end when the marriage ends. This is how people end up living off maintenance payments from their previous spouses. This is not a preferable situation for anyone, a Clean Break Order will stop this from happening.

What Makes a Clean Break Consent Order?

A divorce settlement is just a verbal agreement if it is not made alongside a Consent Order. A Consent Order will give a divorce settlement Legal Affect. Therefore it will be enforceable and impossible for the parties to claim in the future (except under exceptional circumstances)

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