JBD Team Talks: When Your Spouse Shows Up Like A Kid

Divorce: Contested V Uncontested

If you and your spouse are considering filing for a divorce, there are probably numerous questions going through your mind. Not only will you have to decide if divorce is the best option for you, but you will have to determine which type of divorce to pursue.

What Are Grandparents’ Rights?

Grandparents’ rights mean the rights that grandparents possess to contact and visit their grandchildren. These rights are usually exercised after a divorce or other situations that cause a family unit to split up. In many cases, the parents who have gained child custody following a divorce do not allow the parents of their former spouses to visit their children.

Protecting Your Assets After Separation

There are 2 main aspects to protecting your assets after separating from your spouse. Firstly, there are actions to take to preserve property, to ensure that it is not dissipated, de valued or alienated (dissapearing or transferred to others outside the marriage) or lost forever. Examples of such protections are: -caveats over land which is owned by only one of the spouses to avoid a sale or refinance without the other’s knowledge or control -notifications to banks both informal and formal to freeze further advances on loans and mortgages -court injunctions against a…

Visitation Schedules for Toddlers and Young Children That Meet Future and Current Needs

The visitation schedule you make for your small child now may not be as effective in the future. Avoid returning to court in ten years by planning ahead and predicting your child’s future needs while meeting their current ones.

Why a Quick Online Divorce Is the Best Solution for Everybody

You may have heard of online divorce proceedings. These agreements are real, affordable and very quick!

Preparing a Custody Agreement for Mediation and Court – What to Include

Being prepared is a very important aspect of your child custody case. Learn how to increase your chances of having a successful outcome in your custody case by preparing a custody agreement that you can present in court or mediation.

Keep Father’s Rights and Court Room Tactics in Mind at Trial

Divorce is hard enough but understanding child custody laws can be crucial. Do gain knowledge and be thorough about facts before you walk into the courtroom. Child custody is not just handed to the mother automatically. Here are a few facts you should know about this

Getting Help With Juvenile Lawyers

When a child who is classified as a person who is under 18 years of age is accused of a crime the court system will decide whether or not they should be sent directly to juvenile hall or be put on probation and relinquished to the custody of their parents. If a juvenile commits a crime that is very serious the states attorneys’ office may petition the court to try the juvenile as an adult.

How to Prepare For a DIvorce

A little pre-divorce planning goes a long way. Here are some of the steps you can take to prepare for a divorce and possibly save yourself time, stress, money and attorneys fees.

Divorce: Options for Consideration

Oakville is a growing city. According to the 2011 Canadian Census, Oakville had 182,520 residents. This represents a 10.2% increase since the 2006 Census. Oakville is a home to many affluent families, with a median household income of $83,982 and an average house value of $306,209. Rich or poor, couples do separate, and unfortunately divorce is not uncommon. Currently, it is expected that 37.9% of all Canadian marriages will end in a divorce before the 30th anniversary. This is more than one of three couples. The emotional trauma of divorce can be devastating for all members of the family involved. In this situation, you need a good divorce lawyer.

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