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Why You Should Hire an Experienced Family Law Lawyer

The legal system is complicated and difficult to navigate. Many people – including lawyers at times – have trouble remembering all of the rules an intricacies of the legal system. Trying to handle your own family law situation or divorce can be a bad decision. To be fair, attorneys cost money. Often, attorneys charge a lot of money. Sometimes, people simply cannot afford to pay for an expensive family law lawyer. However, at the least, you should talk with a lawyer just to get information about what you need to do to better represent yourself. Often, you may be able to get much cheaper legal advice if you simply meet with an attorney once for a consultation.

Valuation Methodologies – The Three Appraisal Approaches

Trained, tested, and professional appraisers use three accepted and acknowledged approaches in the valuation of property – both real estate and personal property. These three methodologies are known as: “The Income Approach,” “The Sales Comparison Approach,” and The Cost Approach.” Appraisers and users of appraisal services must be aware of these approaches and how they impact the appraisal process and the development of value conclusions.

Divorce Help – Where To Get It

Where can you get divorce help? The most common answer you’ll get is “from lawyers,” but unfortunately lawyers aren’t the best source of help for divorce anymore.

Deciding Which Way to Go: Fault Vs No-Fault Divorce

If you are the first person to file for divorce, you have to choose whether you wish to file a “fault” or “no-fault” divorce. If your spouse files first you may file a counter-petition for divorce and choose the basis for divorce.

Looking After The Children in A Divorce Or Separation

Going through a divorce or separation is always a difficult time, and will be made all the more distressing if there are children involved. In such cases, it is essential arrangements for their future care are settled as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Should You Be Concerned That Your Divorce Documents Are in the Public Record?

Discover the frightening secrets that divorce documents and other public records might hold for you. Unlock the knowledge that may help you protect yourself from the intense dangers that public divorce documents could cause before you even know it.

Resolving Child Custody Issues in Divorce or Separation

Separating couples often find it hard to agree on where their children should live and how much contact they should have with the other parent. Tension between couples frequently stems from the lack of communication that has built up during the course of the marriage. Those who allow the court to decide on child custody can find it both a lengthy, stressful and expensive procedure. However, there are alternatives to court that can help resolve custody and other children disputes which are more “relationship-friendly”.

Our Overburdened Courts Or Why Legal Document Assistants Are More Important Now Than Ever Before

It’s not just the court staff, from clerks to judges, who are handling increasing caseloads which are slowing the system down. It’s not just the new family laws going into effect in 2012 that will slow the system down (for an estimated 13 extra months to finalize a divorce in some CA courts). Now the court’s self-help assistance is taking a hit. Fortunately, the LDA profession, which was born just 10 years ago, can help fill in the gaps.

5 Common Divorce Myths

There are many myths that surround the statistics of a divorce. This article explains 5 common divorce myths and the actual facts that debunk these myths.

Divorce Attorneys: Your Partner in Legal Battles

When marriages go wrong, one would certainly entertain the thought of a divorce. Once you decide you need one, you better expect that it will be a complicated process despite the fact that a lot of people have been through it. It is fortunate divorce attorneys are the experts in such field and they would be able to help you out in no time.

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