JBD Team Talks: How to Get Unstuck around Leaving Your Unhealthy Marriage

Family Lawyers Help Set Up Child Custody

When you are involved in a divorce, it is an emotional time. When children are involved it becomes an even more emotional process. Of course both parents think that they are the best parent to raise their children.

Common Reactions to Divorce

Do you want to know what your kids are feeling about the divorce? This article will describe common reactions kids have depending on their age. Get tips on how best to help kids cope and talk about their feelings.

What to Expect Through Your Divorce

Deciding on divorce can be one of the most difficult decisions in your life. It can also be extremely scary when you do not quite know what to expect.

The Four Types of Alimony in a Florida Divorce Case

Outside of child custody, no issue evokes more emotion for a party in a divorce than the potential of having to pay a former spouse money after a marriage. This article discusses the Four kinds of alimony that a Florida Judge might award in a divorce case. Note: This article only applies to Florida statutory law. Other State law may differ.

What Word Infuriates Family Law Attorney’s The Most

Believe it or not, the most exasperating word a family law attorney can hear is MEDIATION. Why, because once more, not all, attorneys who practice primarily litigation involving dissolution of marriage and child support and custody issues get a case, they view them as a continuing stipend.

Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

More and more couples are choosing to create a prenuptial agreement before becoming married. If you are planning on getting married in the near future, is this a necessary step for you? What are the benefits of a prenup?

Important Things Spouses Should Know About Divorce Laws

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Individuals seeking divorce are usually surprised by the inadequacy of divorce laws or rather limited explanation as to what the laws entails. Some of the most contentious matters are captured in questions such as; ‘How much child support should be offered?

Tips in Choosing A Family Lawyer

If you are in need of a family lawyer, then the options can get to you as there are so many choices available. If you are located in a big city, all the more it can be challenging to choose as there are so many lawyers that can be found on local phone books and online.

How to Spot Income Your Spouse Is Hiding

Going through a divorce can be quite difficult. Not only do you have to deal with the emotional aspect of the whole thing, but you will also have to deal with the financial aspect.

Do the Children Fare Better in a Litigated Divorce or Through Mediation?

Sometimes it isn’t the family that is causing the major problem, but the policies and methods of the advocates themselves. Parents who are divorcing need to listen to their children and understand that divorce affects everyone, not just them.

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