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Unbundled Legal Services: Representing Yourself With Limited Help From an Attorney

Unbundled legal service–defined as self representation with limited help from an attorney–has become increasingly popular during the recent period of economic stagnation. The theoretical purpose of partial representation is simple: the party uses a lawyer only when most needed, thereby reducing the party’s legal fees. Unfortunately the theoretical benefits often diverge from practical, real-life outcomes. This article helps litigants understand the advantages and disadvantages of unbundled legal services, as well as how to determine when partial representation is appropriate.

What Is a Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Divorce?

Fiduciary duty refers to the responsibility of each spouse to act in good faith in matters affecting the marriage or the other partner, and not to seek an unfair personal advantage. It is intended to prevent one spouse-usually the managing spouse-from taking advantage of a dependent spouse who may be unaware of certain transactions involving financial or property assets. In some cases, spouses may be held accountable for unintentional breaches of fiduciary duties.

Maintenance Disputes in Wisconsin Divorce

Maintenance (or alimony) is one of the issues most often disagreed about in a divorce. One of the main reasons for this is that there are no definitive guidelines in Wisconsin about how maintenance is determined. What are the most common issues in a divorce regarding maintenance? If there are maintenance disputes in a Wisconsin divorce, how are they resolved?

Family Law: Law That Deals With Family Related Issues

An area of law that handles domestic relations and family related issues is known as family law. A family lawyer handles cases in this area of law to include adoption, spousal abuse, child custody, divorce, paternity, visitation rights and more.

Wage Garnishment and Alimony

Child Support And Wage Garnishment – In New Jersey, your wages from your workplace can be served if you are the non custodial parent. The wage garnishment can include child support and spousal support better known as alimony. The wage garnishment will come out pre tax out of your net pay.

Contested Divorce

In America today, marriage is common, however divorce is very common as well. Some factors that help to prevent divorce are: religious beliefs, a college education, a good example from the parents, and even waiting until the age 25 to marry. Statistics show that those who have a college education are less prone to divorce by 13 percent.

How a Reliable Divorce Lawyer Proves Beneficial for Your Case?

There are people who need divorce because things didn’t work out as they expected. In this regard, contacting a good divorce lawyer is a wise option.

How Do I Get Divorced?

How do I get divorced? Often a question offered by those looking to end a marriage. Take some time to read this short article that covers the basics.

Modification or Enforcement of a Court Order in a Wisconsin Divorce

Can you change a court order in a Wisconsin divorce? If so, how is this done? What if someone isn’t following court orders? How can you enforce an order?

Juvenile Crime

Although a lot of juvenile crimes resemble those for adult crimes, penalties and laws associated with juvenile criminal offenses are substantially different. Two of the most significant distinctions are that juveniles are not entitled to a trial by jury, nor are they permitted to be discharged on bail. A juvenile criminal is anyone under the age of 18.

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