How Does Divorce Mediation Work in Wisconsin?

Substantial Change in Circumstances

One of the mistakes that men often make when going to court in order to obtain a child custody modification is that they clearly define why they feel they are entitled to the changes they are asking for. Simply stating that it would work better for your schedule is almost universally not enough to sway the court into making the changes that you are requesting. However, this doesn’t mean that what the judge ordered in court can’t be changed later on.

How To Write A Parenting Plan

The first and most important thing to remember when writing a parenting plan is to be as specific as possible when you are putting things on paper. Most divorcing couples don’t realize until it is too late how important the parenting plan really is and when they go through the divorce process, the court and the couple don’t spend as much time on it as it deserves. Usually a standard, one-size-fits-all parenting plan is used and parents go along with it because they are told that it is what everybody uses.

Women’s Roles In Fathers Rights

Did you know that while out business is primarily based on Father Rights advocacy and education, at least half of the phone calls we receive every day are from women? Usually the phone calls we receive from women are on behalf of the men in their lives and come from girlfriends, current wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, etc. We have found that often men become too overwhelmed and discouraged by everything in their lives that they will often simply give up.

How To Lower Child Support

Many fathers find themselves in the unfortunate situation where they are making child support payments that do not accurately reflect their financial situation. This usually means that you are making payments that are far too high for you to be able to make long term. One of the first and simplest things that you can do to lower your child support is to ask the court to take the last two to three full years of your income into account when they are setting your payment amount.

7 Ways to Handle an Unwanted Divorce

When your spouse suddenly decides that he or she wants to end your marriage, you can be left in shock and disbelief. You may or may not have seen the end coming, but you are suffering from the shock of loss all the same. There may be no way to salvage what is left of your marriage, but there are a few things that you can do to start healing.

Get the Judge to Like You

When you are in divorce court, it’s always important that the judge likes you. However, it is crucial that the judge likes you if you are Pro Se, otherwise known as representing yourself in court. Not to discourage you, but many judges and court officials are biased against men who represent themselves in court, but this doesn’t have to be the case with you!

Divorce Settlement Letters

The key to a successful divorce settlement letter isn’t necessarily having the perfect letter as many people first assume. You or your lawyer can spend hours going over every word in your divorce settlement letter in painstaking detail, but that doesn’t always work. There is no one “magic bullet” to win a divorce case and the same is true of settlement letters.

Communication With Your Children After Divorce

After divorce occurs and a parenting plan is set, many fathers still find themselves in a position where they are having a very hard time being able to communicate with their children consistently when they are with the Ex. This usually means that fathers can’t consistently speak with their children over the phone due to the interference of the Ex, though this can also mean that there are issues with just knowing what is going on in their children’s lives at school, with activities, and socially. When it comes to the phone, it can be…

Misuse of Child Support

Many of the fathers who we talk to on the phone or in person every day are concerned about how their child support money is being spent by the Ex. This is totally understandable as fathers just like you have all worked hard for their money and it becomes doubly hard to send in those child support payments when you suspect that your Ex is not spending them on your kids. However, misuse of child support can be hard to prove in court.

Before Divorce – Pro Se or Lawyer?

When you are first considering a divorce, there are usually a million things running through your head. What lawyer should I get? How much will they cost?

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