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What Situations Are Marital Assets Not Divided 50-50?

When most people think of divorce, they think of it as dividing marital property in half and, if they have kids, working out a child custody and child support arrangement. The lucky ones are able to determine property division, child custody, and child support without the court intervening. These uncontested divorces often come with fewer headaches, less animosity, and lower legal costs.

What Expenses Does Child Support Cover?

Child support laws vary by state, but in general support is intended to cover food, clothing, shelter, and other basic needs. It is not intended to cover extracurricular activities, private education costs, and other similar costs unless it is specified in your divorce agreement. So those tennis lessons your ex-spouse is asking you to pay for are not part of your child support payments.

How Divorce Attorneys May View Potential Parental Income for Louisiana Child Support

Hiding or artificially reducing one’s income is not viewed fondly by Louisiana law. Divorce attorneys may look to potential income rather than what you are claiming your earnings to be in calculating child support.

Sometimes Divorce Lawyers Cannot Offset Child Support in Louisiana

Divorce lawyers may or may not be successful in offsetting child support. Most of the time, this is due to the facts of a specific situation.

Hiring a Family Law Attorney

Getting a divorce can be downright overwhelming. It’s already difficult dealing with separating a spouse, especially if both parties were not in agreement for the divorce. Conquering personal emotional strains along with the strains of the children involved is hard.

Do You Need A Divorce Attorney?

From year long marriages to ones that have lasted 40 years, getting an attorney is always the best way to settle a divorce. Whether you have children in play or do not have any kids together, there are still many other areas where serious negotiation is an issue. What will happen to all your assets?

One Mutant X-Woman Could Have Practiced Family Law With the X-Men

Her name is Evangeline Whedon. Also known as “Vange”, this powerful female mutant was known as the X-Men’s lawyer in the Mutant Rights Coalition. Created by writers Chris Clairemont and Salvadore Larocca, the fictional character Vange first appeared in X-Men #21.

Dealing With a Divorce: Getting Legal Help

Divorce is one among the most miserable experience one can have in life. Besides the legal formalities, the couples are required to take care of two families which is capable of fanning the flames with double expense. Fortunately, there are many organizations which are there to assist those couples whose financial condition does not allow them to pay for the complex legal formalities involved in divorce.

Who Is a Good Divorce Lawyer?

The emotional stress one experiences while undergoing a process of divorce itself justifies the requirement of someone who is in a position to handle the whole matter in a sociable way. And finding such a well-experienced lawyer is sure to be something which demands tiring efforts on your part. The following paragraphs might be of assistance to you in the matter.

Divorce Lawyer: Top 3 Questions to Ask

When you need a divorce lawyer, you want to be sure that you choose someone that will represent you to the best of his or her ability. At your consultation, be sure to ask at least these three questions.

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