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Seeking a Respectful Divorce? Top Tips for Avoiding Bitter Divorce Litigation

After a separation or relationship breakdown, your first step need not be to the courthouse. If you wish to have a more respectful divorce or separation process, there are options that will allow you to resolve the important issues without fanning the flames of disaccord with your former partner. By choosing to resolve the issues together, with a mediator, or through the collaborative process, you retain control over the process and outcome and will actually be fostering healthy communication with your former partner and minimizing the stress on your children.

Connecting With Children During and After a Divorce

Divorce is not just difficult for the spouses that are actually splitting. The end of a marriage can be incredibly difficult for children, particularly children that are still young enough to be living with their parents. As their family is dissolving children may feel that they are being forgotten, overlooked, or are not as loved as they once were.

The Use of Legal DNA Testing in Estate Litigation

While DNA testing was once only used for criminal cases, the use of it has grown substantially in recent years. People get legal DNA testing for a number of reasons, one of which is to prove relationships in cases of estate litigation.

Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Family Lawyer

It is important to hire a family lawyer who is reliable and who will help you throughout the legal process when you think about separation or filing for divorce. Such family lawyers can help you with any family related legal issues. It helps to hire a family lawyer even when legal representation is not required, to make the whole process easier and smoother.

Things to Consider When Looking for a De Facto Relationship Legal Counsel

If you are convinced that your de facto relationship with your partner cannot go on and that you have to separate, one of the first things you need to consider is finding a good family lawyer. This article will show you a few tips on how to handle legal matters concerning a de facto relationship.

Prenuptial Agreements

Contracts between betrothed individuals that provide for division of property in the event of divorce are commonly referred to as “prenuptial agreements.” They can also be called “marital agreements” and, if made after marriage, are called “post-marital” or “post nuptial” agreements.

The Best Places to Look for a Family Lawyer

Finding a good family lawyer is a big decision when you’re facing legal matters like divorce or when you’re fighting over child custody. Unless you directly know someone who can help you with your case, you shouldn’t be hasty in hiring just any lawyer out there. This article will talk about the top three places you should go to if you want to find a highly-qualified family lawyer.

Lawyers Vs Non-Lawyers in Divorce

Should divorce consumers risk wasting a lot of money by hiring an unnecessary divorce lawyer in an uncontested case or risk hiring a less regulated non-lawyer? The author, with 32 years of very high volume California retail divorce under his belt, says that if you and your spouse can make your own decisions about your family and property, then subject to a few tips and warnings, while divorce is full of tough choices, this isn’t one of them.

Why You Need a Prenuptial To Avoid The Double Dip

  I am a family law attorney, also known as a divorce lawyer, in the Rochester Hills area of Oakland County Michigan. In order to remain current regarding the law in my area of practice, I read every case decided by the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court with regards to my area of practice.   The Court of Appeals issued a published opinion, which means that the divorce trial courts must follow this ruling, on September 4, 2012 that has serious implications for small business owners in the divorce context…

Why Attorneys Get a Bad Rap

As long as I can remember attorneys have gotten a bad rap in life. From negative jokes to condescending conversation, the field has never been spoken of very favorably. On that note, I must admit I was crazy about my divorce attorney. He seemed to be caring, concerned and intelligent enough to advise me in a very beneficial way. When going through a divorce, an attorney usually collects a large retainer up front, and then continues to bill you as the situation proceeds.

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