Having empathy for your ex and my family mediation success – Sarah Siddons – Financial Planner

9 Strategic Maneuvers for After Leaving A Partner With a Personality Disorder

Leaving a High Conflict Partner is one thing. Here’s what you do once you are out.

Finding A Property Lawyer to Keep Land In Your Family

My paternal grandfather died of a heart attack when my dad was just nine years old. My dad and his mother continued to live on the forty-acre farm and a year or so later my grandmother remarried and she and her husband worked the farm for years. Decades later, my dad wondered if his father had left him anything in his will. My grandmother’s reaction was anger and denial so Dad decided to hunt down a property lawyer – just to get the facts. Property attorneys know exactly where to look to ascertain the true history of land deeds and can wade through the muck of long-lost documents and probate issues.

Stress-Free Summers: 7 Tips for Divorced Parents

For divorced parents, summer time may become a time of stress as both parents vie for maximum time with kids and hoping to provide the best possible summer experience. Many parents find that child possession laws, as well as case specific agreements within the divorce proceedings govern their summer vacation schedules. Below are seven tips for divorced parents to help create a stress free summer.

What Are Friends for? An Example of a Pending Divorce

A marriage is a very strange thing in a way as people, including friends and relatives, don’t really believe that marriages can fail. This statement is related to those who are friends and relatives who observe the behaviour of marriage partners they know.

How the Due Process of Getting a Divorce Looks Like

True, a happy marriage is one of life’s great treasures. But sometimes, unfortunately, the odds of making a good marital union are not in our favor, and divorce is justifiably necessary. When a marriage involves couples constantly fuss with one another over trivial matters, when couples are so hostile to each other, when counseling has failed, and goals and values have become so different, divorce is often best for everyone, (especially the children, in a marriage children are involved).

Modification in Family Law for Court Orders

Most people do not want to re-visit any kind of court matter but in certain cases, applying for a modification of an order is possible if there is a change in the financial status of the person. Even though things like property division are not changed by the court, orders passed regarding children may be changed in certain occasions. This includes the custodial status of the child, visitation rights as well as child support.

Who Benefits From ‘One-Day Divorce?’

Soon it may be possible everywhere to get divorced quickly, without legal counsel. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Collaborative and Family Law Mediation – Moving Towards a Better Option Than Court Proceedings

Collaborative Family Law is emerging as a new and effective way of family related disputes which requires assurance, decency and frankness. It also requires a collaboration of Counsels and both the parties.

Mediation in Divorce

Mediation is a meeting between both of the parties of the divorce or custody case. The parties come together to talk and attempt to make agreements to resolve the divorce and what to do next, with the help of a neutral third party called a mediator. Mediation is not counseling; mediation is a settlement attempt held by the mediator in an effort to walk through the issues of the case and identify possible agreements or opportunities for compromise.

Underhanded Divorce Tactics To Be Aware Of

Most divorce settlements and proceedings are done in a fair and equitable manner. Yet everyone has heard divorce nightmares and horror stories that plague our conscience when entering into the same process.

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