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Tips on Saving Money During the Divorce Process

Many people want to get divorced, but put off filing paperwork due to the costs associated. However, there are other ways to handle a divorce.

Six Steps for Finding and Comparing Divorce Lawyers

Separating is hard enough without the struggle of finding divorce lawyers. Often, considerable amounts of time and money are wasted switching from one legal representative to another. Use this guide to aid in hiring a great attorney the first time.

Family Law Continues To Evolve

The scope and breadth of family law is expanding dynamically from the traditional definition. Advances in science and technology, coupled with changes in societal attitudes have created an entirely new landscape for attorneys and their clients.

Why You Should Hire A Divorce Attorney Rather Than Representing Yourself

If you have decided that your marriage is no longer working, you have a few different options available to you; you can stay together with your spouse and try to make the marriage work, you can try a legal separation period to see whether this has any effect on the situation, or you can legally terminate your marriage with a divorce. In order to file for a formal divorce, you must complete necessary paperwork and submit it properly.

Tips for How to Find a Civil Lawyer

Do you need to find a civil lawyer? Depending on your circumstances it may pay to not only find a lawyer but find a great one. If you have found yourself in any kind of legal trouble you pay be putting your freedom into the hands of a stranger, so you need a professional behind you. This means you need to do a lot more than just pick up the phone book and haphazardly choose a name from it. So how do you go about choosing legal advice and help?

What Can I Do When My Ex-Spouse (Co-Parent) Has Stopped Paying Child Support?

When your ex has stopped paying child support, you have several options. This is dependent on the situation and the judgment that was awarded to you during the support case.

Grandparent’s Custody Rights in Pennsylvania

The bond between children and their grandparents can be strong. For that reason, grandparents have special status and can seek custody of their grandchildren in certain circumstances.

How Does The Law Address Child Custody Issues Arising From A Same-Sex Divorce?

Now that same-sex marriage is becoming more common, courts must address child custody issues arising from their divorces. See how lawyers and judges approach this relatively new issue.

Why YOU, Not a Judge, Should Resolve Child-Related Disputes

Court battles over children put them at high risk for emotional harm. If you think your spouse may be taking you in that direction, learn the half dozen most compelling arguments against child-related litigation, and the practical steps you can take to avoid it.

Basic Indiana Divorce Information

Divorce is a life changing event. This article will provide very basic information about the divorce process in Indiana. The information is not intended to be exhaustive, create an attorney-client relationship, nor constitute legal advice. Each individual situation is unique. If you have any questions about an Indiana divorce, you should consult an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Indiana.

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