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Uncontested Divorce in Ontario – The Pros and Cons

The end of a marriage is always going to bring with it emotional turmoil and an element of sadness. Unfortunately, it may also end in disagreements and the most severe cases, a court case. If however a couple can remain civil with each other and reach an agreement about the division of assets, custody of children and alimony then much of this unpleasantness and expensive litigation can be avoided.

How to File for a Divorce in Ontario

Learn How to File For a Divorce Application in Ontario. It is not complicated as long as you know the basic steps and you can find a Good Divorce Lawyer in Ontario.

How Much a Divorce in Ontario Costs & Divorce Process

How can I file for a divorce in Ontario? Eligibility Criteria If you want to end your marriage officially you can file a Divorce Application before an Ontario court, provided you meet the eligibility criteria: 1. You must be legally married in Canada or in any other country out of Canada.

How to File For Divorce in Ontario

In this Article, you will learn about the process of filing for Divorce in Ontario. The Grounds for Divorce as well as the forms for Divorce Application in Ontario along with the residency requirement for filing a Divorce Application.

Spousal Support in Ontario

Spousal Support is your Right but often it is denied. Learn about What is Spousal Support in Ontario and what are the laws affecting your rights to obtain Spousal Support.

Types of Divorce Applications in Ontario

There are Three Types of Divorce in Ontario and People do not know that difference between the three types of Divorce Applications. Filing for Divorce can become complicated since many do not know the grounds for Divorce and under what circumstances the Court will reject a Divorce Application. In this Articles, we will discuss the Types of Divorce in Ontario, Grounds for Divorce in Canada and Bars to Divorce in Canada. Learn from Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Toronto.

Analyzing the Latest Divorce Trends & News

Family law isn’t set in stone, but rather, it can be fluid. Changes to laws as well as overall trends seen in divorce often reflect what’s happening elsewhere in society.

Pets and Divorce: Some States Recognizing Wellbeing of Animals in Divorce Cases

Pets are often a contentious issue during divorce cases. There are now several states which have passed specific measures dealing with pets and divorce, ensuring the animals aren’t treated solely as property.

Maryland Updates Mutual Consent Divorce Policy

The state of Maryland has added to and updated its mutual consent divorce policy. Read on for more on the latest Maryland mutual consent divorce updates.

How Cryptocurrencies Are Adding Complexity to the Divorce Process

Cryptocurrencies are more popular than ever before. Now, one impact is on the matters of divorce, and the financial assets involved. How are Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies handled in divorce, and what do you need to know?

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