Divorce Roadmap: The Mediation Approach to Divorce

Loans to Adult Children – A Risky Business

Parents, quite understandably, want to encourage and support their offspring. Sometimes that involves financial assistance being provided to adult children in the form of a loan. Unfortunately, many arrangements like this are poorly documented, and may cause great anguish later on, particularly if one of those adult children becomes sick, dies unexpectedly, is adjudged bankrupt, or is affected by a relationship breakdown.

An Overview of Canadian Family Law

Take legal help of highly vigilant and experienced divorce lawyer, if you want to get separated from your life partner. Browse the net to more about family law & eminent lawyers dealing with family law.

Child Witnesses in Family Law: Using Child Witnesses in Snohomish County, Washington Divorce Cases

Family law attorneys (divorce attorneys) in Snohomish County and throughout Washington State can expect an increase in child testimony. Traditionally attorneys and courts shunned testimony from minors, but that trend seems to be changing.

Is A Divorce Mediation Settlement Legally Binding?

Is a divorce mediation settlement legally binding? Yes, either the mediation will close with a signed agreement, or if attorneys are representing the parties they will commit to ending the lawsuit with a formal settlement and release agreement. We always recommend a formal agreement is prepared before the parties leave the mediation. Some courts require that process, particularly if a case in litigation is required to go to mediation prior to the commencement of the case.

Why Is It Important To Know Family Law?

If two people make the decision to marry, there is always a lot to consider. However, sometimes, those who have decided to get married settle down and end up in a divorce after they hit some personal problems.

What the Role Is of a Family Law Advisor

If there are any minor or major issues within a family, they may need to receive family law advice and to help resolve the situation. It is not necessary to get support of lawyers in every domestic violence case, but it will be good to consult them in some instances.

Learn How To Find The Best Family Attorney For Any Aspect Of Collaborative Law

Although many people consider a family attorney as primarily dealing in divorces, family attorneys are able to provide you with legal representation, information and much more in many aspects of collaborative law. This can include prenuptial agreements, issues regarding children as well as divorce.

How Long Are Divorce Proceedings Expected To Last?

One of the most common asked questions to divorce attorneys is simply how long will it take before everything is filed and completed. Most couples that have reached the point of moving forward with a divorce have decided to that they would like to move on with their life and would like to know how long before they will be able to do just that.

New York’s No-Fault Law

The old law was focused primarily on the needs of the parties, especially the party in need. The new law changes this completely. Interim spousal support is now intended to reduce the gap between the incomes of the respective spouses, rather than merely address a spouse’s needs. It was certainly the hope and the expectation of women’s groups that this would create more generous awards.

No-Fault Divorce in New York

New York has finally enacted a no-fault divorce law. It was the last American state to do so and legal practitioners are still absorbing the changes. Proponents of the new law were required to pay a political price by agreeing to the simultaneous enactment of some new financial rules.

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