Divorce Roadmap: Post Divorce: How to Organize and Reclaim Your Space

What Are Unbundled Legal Services?

This article explains what unbundled legal services are and how they are often used in family law cases such as divorce and child custody matters to help reduce the cost of legal services. Undbundled legal services enable individuals with limited means to have greater access to legal services. Instead of paying for the attorney to do everything that an attorney would do in the typical divorce or custody matter, the client can opt to pay for services “a la carte.” For example the client and attorney might agree that the attorney’s job will be to make court appearances and the client would do everything else.

Domestic Violence and Legal Abuse Before the Court: Whose Story Are You?

Divorce litigants suffering from battered woman’s syndrome are prone to be his story in divorce, rather than being their own. And standing in that mess invariably is a sentence for life in hell.

Family Lawyers – Their Roles And Responsibilities

Need a family lawyer? Read this article and see how family lawyers can help you through emotional transitions in your life.

Having a Child With the Help of a Family Lawyer

The older, wiser, generations always say that you will never feel complete, especially if you are a woman, without having children of your own. This is not a universal rule. This is not even true in some people.

You Have More Control Than You Think When You Choose Collaborative Divorce

When you are facing the possibility of divorce, it is important for you to see that you are not a powerless victim. You don’t need to worry about your future. You can simply create your future by choosing the collaborative divorce process where you put together a powerful team of experts to put you in control of the outcome.

Skilled Family Law Attorneys Recommend Divorce Mediation

The divorce process is often fraught with volatile emotions and intense stress. The most skilled family law and divorce attorneys are those that encourage divorce mediation to their clients wherever possible. In fact, divorce mediation is compulsory in a growing number of states.

What Do You Learn From Marriage Records?

What kind of information can you get from looking at a copy of someone’s record of marriage? Can they be duplicated or misrepresented? The answer is, yes, a lot of forgeries can be done if the correct template of information is known of the parties who are making the forgery.

Why Your Divorce Solicitor Can Offer Best Advice On Parting Of The Ways

A divorce is not an emotional reaction, but a legal decision. So, if you think that your marriage has broken down irretrievably, consult with a specialist divorce solicitor to ensure that you are on sound legal ground, for the sake of both parties going forward.

How Does Abuse Affect a Divorce?

There are many ways that abuse may affect your divorce, but the most noticeable is the emotional aspect. Many people are embarrassed to admit the time frame that they were being abused, and find it difficult having to explain their reasoning for staying in an abusive relationship. This can be extremely draining emotionally.

Florida Laws About Annulments Divorces

The difference between having your marriage annulled and getting a divorce is like night and day. It also makes a big difference in whether it is of benefit to chose one over the other. A petitioner in Florida has no choice but rather, the marriage situation dictates, which action should be filed.

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