Divorce Roadmap: Negotiating Child Custody to Create a Win Win

Tips on Choosing Your Divorce Attorney

The breakdown of a marriage is a traumatic time for men and women and also any children involved. Lives are torn apart and the family unit is broken when one spouse usually the husband, moves out.

Military Divorce in Florida – Should I Consult an Attorney?

The end of a marriage involving a military service member presents several unique problems that are not present in other divorces. Child support calculation, division of military pension, and the timing of the case itself are each issues which require special consideration.

5 Tips to Avoid Financial Problems During a Divorce

While a divorce can be emotionally taxing it can also cripple your finances. One of the most important things to do is to avoid any financial problems before they happen. This article will give you 5 tips to avoid financial problems during a divorce.

Things Every Parent Should Know About Child Custody

Child custody is a huge part of any divorce. Understanding the laws and procedures of child custody is something that all parents should know. This article will give some insight on child custody.

A Closer Look Into Child Support

When parents separate or divorce, it is important to have an order of the court establishing a minimum child support obligation for the parent who will not have primary custody of the children. Child support can be decided and disbursed in a number of ways, and a variety of factors are taken into consideration during the process of deciding what the parent will be required to pay.

Technology Has Opened the Door to New Forms of Divorce Terrorism

Technology has affected divorces by allowing the vindictive to get more malicious. Discover how today’s new technologies have lead to what is nothing short of terrorism in the family courts.

6 Tips on Finding the Best Child Custody Attorney

Child custody is the single most important part of a divorce. If you happen to get the wrong attorney, it could cost you time with your children and money out of your pocket. This article will give you 6 tips on finding the best child custody attorney.

Guide to Marriage Mediation

Many problems in a divorce can be solved with proper mediation. While some couples work best with marriage counseling others prefer marriage mediation. This article will explain why marriage mediation could work for you.

Child Custody Law Overview

The field of family law governs all types of interactions within the family. One area of family law that may be important to many is child custody. Child custody determines the rights of both parents to not only visit with children, but also make important decisions in the child’s life. Many people might not be aware that there are two different and important aspects to child custody: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody refers to the parent’s decision-making authority for important decisions in the child’s life. Such decisions include education, medical care, and religious upbringing. Physical custody refers to where the child resides.

The Best Divorce Financial Solutions

It is important to have divorce financial solutions when going through a divorce. Planning and proper documentation are a few of the important solutions for you during divorce. This article will explain how you can plan for you divorce and save money.

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