Divorce Roadmap: Divorce Finances – 5 Essentials to be Financially Prepared

Mediation – The Way Forward for Adult Family Conflict

With the holiday season almost upon us, it is timely to reflect on the importance of family in our lives. Sadly, while this time of year is often joyous, it can also be a time when fermenting family conflict bubbles to the surface. I have been particularly moved hearing stories of families unable to reconcile their differences and turning to court action, even restraining orders, to settle family disputes.

Life After Divorce – What Are the Effects Divorce Has on Families?

Family Law customers are typically shocked to hear that there’s no specific formula to establish every party’s entitlement in a property division, as opposed to child support for example. There’s excellent reason for this – every single party to a relationship is distinctive, each relationship is unique and everyone’s financial circumstance is unique.

Children and Divorce – Helping Them Cope When You and Your Spouse No Longer Live Together

One of the most heartbreaking tasks that parents have to face is telling their children that they are getting divorced and will no longer be living together. Not only is this decision something you hadn’t planned on facing when you first got married, now you are faced with the task of being separate, single parents as well. In order to handle this and raise them successfully, understanding the major concerns of your child or children is your primary consideration and priority.

Collaborative Family Law – An Amicable Way For Couples To Separate

Separating from your former partner can be a stressful process, particularly if children and money are involved. A new procedure which may make the process easier is Collaborative Family Law, which is described here.

Pre-Marriage Counseling 101: Spend A Day in Divorce Court

Last Sunday there was an article in the Sacramento Bee about eight couples who all got married on the same day in the same Presbyterian church after successfully completing a six-week “marriage preparation” class. The class focused on finances and budgeting and developing relationship and communications skills. I think such instruction is a great idea and certainly more couples could benefit from it. But in my opinion, all pre-marital counseling programs are remiss if they don’t include a requirement that all couples spend a day in divorce court.

Plan Your International Divorce

In cases of international divorce, which courts have international divorce jurisdiction and where should such a case be filed? The most critical decision in strategic international divorce planning comes before a divorce case is first filed.

Explaining Child Custody

Parents have inherent rights to custody and visitation of their children. The state’s child custody laws are enforced when parents cannot agree on a workable custody arrangement on their own.

Changing Your Maintenance or Spousal Support Obligations in Colorado

If there is one constant in life, it is that life always changes. Layoffs, retirement, career changes, remarriage, changes with an aging parent, or illness-all of these can have an impact on how you live your life-and how you manage your financial obligations.  For divorced couples and parents, these changes are further complicated because of maintenance or spousal support obligations.

What Divorce Attorney’s Don’t Want You To Know May Cost You Thousands of Dollars

There are many advantages to mediation, few drawbacks and no reason not to give it a try. The worst that happens is that you have spent some money and some time, but in exchange you do get some information from the other side which can be helpful if you decide to proceed to the court house.

Divorce Law, Sanctions for Bad Faith

In many states, people and their lawyers could face possible sanctions for litigating their cases in bad faith. What is bad faith? It can mean many things, but it is generally understood to be filing court documents and/or pleadings that are essentially frivolous and lack merit.

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