Divorce Roadmap: Children & Divorce: The Child’s Bill of Rights

How to Pick the Right Divorce Lawyer

Doing research on family law and picking a good family law lawyer is a tough process. Knowing how to go about the process is bewildering. Furthermore, lawyers often cost a lot of money.

10 Reasons To Get A Prenuptial Agreement (Note: Being Rich Isn’t One of Them)

Many people think Prenuptial Agreements are only for the rich and famous. In fact, when Paul McCartney and Jennifer Aniston recently entered new marriages, the media seemed astonished that neither had gotten a prenup. I wasn’t. They can afford to lose a substantial chunk of their net worth and motor on through life quite comfortably, thank you. Most of the rest of us cannot.

Preserving Your Father’s Rights in Divorce

A father’s role is equally as important as the mother’s role in a child’s life. When parents head down the path of divorce it is essential that they continue to play an active role in their child’s life regardless of their feelings towards one another.

Divorce Law, Remember the Children Come First

As a child of divorced parents, I know how difficult a divorce can be on the life of a child. I know that, when I was a child, my parent’s divorce was rough on me and I am still feeling the mental effects. It is true that my parents were better off without being married to each other, but I know that I wasn’t.

Why Family Divorce Mediation Is A Good Option

Family divorce mediation does have its advantages, which is why a lot couples decide to go this route. Any couple that is getting a divorce should at least consider going to mediation before settling in court. A mediator is completely objective and has the best interest of both sides at heart.

Same Sex Marriages and Divorce

Couples in same sex marriages that are seeking a divorce will have to address the same issues as in heterosexual marriages. With the changing laws it’s especially important to have a qualified divorce attorney guide you through the legal process.

A New Way to Get Divorced – Early Neutral Assessment – A Hybrid of Mediation and Collaborative Law

The divorce process, from a legal standpoint, is often intensely challenging – and costly – for all parties. But there is a new approach that may help couples reduce the contentiousness of traditional divorce proceedings while preventing prospective, costly litigation. A blend of collaborative law and traditional mediation, Early Neutral Evaluations or Early Neutral Assessment (ENA or ENE for short) is providing couples with a new path through the emotionally-charged divorce process.

Abuse and Divorce – Money and Mental Illness As the Divorce Weapon in Domestic Violence Divorce

Many people believe that battered women can just pick up and go. And this will end their battering and abuse. Not so when abuse is in divorce. Read on to learn about the money factor, allegations of mental illness and domestic violence divorce.

Why Hire a Divorce Mediator

Although most couples enter a marriage with high hopes for its long term success, life has a way of throwing obstacles in front of even the most committed partners. Unfortunately, not all marriage partnerships can successfully navigate these obstacles. Others see the couple grow apart as individuals over time, to the point where they realize that they will be happier if the union is dissolved.

What A Common Law Marriage Means For Your Estate

Common law marriage is still in practice in Alabama, Colorado, The District of Columbia, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah and should be factored into your estate plan if you live in any of these states and it applies. Common law marriage occurs when a man and woman live together in the same house for a year and do some outward act to hold themselves out as man and wife.

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