Divorce Mediation

Reasons to Pertain the Expertise of Family Divorce Lawyers

Implementing strategies and skills of family divorce lawyers is immensely important for couples seeking for legal separation. Law firms reputed for family legal service providers are of huge help in this respect.

5 Signs It’s The Moment to File a Domestic Violence Injunction

Countless women and men throughout the United States are the victims of domestic violence on a regular basis. If the issue is not addressed, it can even cost the victim their life.

My How Far We Have Come in Family Law

In this article I highlight the practice of Parent Coordination. I make the argument that we need to adopt Parent Coordination more widely. As a practice it deals with empowering families while at the same time help families become less combative and self destructive at a highly emotional time.

What Is the Age of Consent to Marry in California?

The rules that set how old you have to be to get married with or without your parents’ consent are set by each individual state, not by the federal government. Those rules can vary quite a lot. In order to marry without parental consent, most states have ruled that a person needs to be at least 18 years of age.

How Is Child Support Determined?

How is child support determined? Here are some of the most important factors and considerations which play a role in determining child support.

Three Family Law Cases Where a Child Custody Attorney Is Necessary

Child custody, visitation, and guardianship cases demand an experienced lawyer to ensure a child’s needs and rights are protected. Here are three cases where a child custody attorney can help.

Who Pays For Visitation? And Other Questions A Family Law Attorney Can Answer

Having a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney is pertinent to any fair divorce proceeding. Here are four tough questions a lawyer can answer.

Law Firm Marketing: How To Expand Your Divorce Practice With One Simple Tip

Are you a family lawyer? Would you like to attract more high net worth divorce cases? This article describes a simple cost effective technique to improve your relationship with your clients, enhance your firm’s image and build your practice.

Three Ways a Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Navigating the complexities of the legal system during a stressful time is challenging. Find the right family law attorney to help.

5 Tips When Seeking a Divorce Attorney

Going through a separation is never easy, and choosing the right divorce attorney can be hard. Here are some tips for making both the overall divorce and legal processes easier.

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