Divorce and the Family Business: How to Avoid Delays and Disputes: Appraising Your Homes and…

Why You Need to Review Your Estate Plan After Your Divorce

If you are like most people who are getting divorced, or who have just gone through divorce, you no longer want your ex-spouse to be the beneficiary of your estate or to put your child(ren) in a position to be disinherited if your ex-spouse gets married again after the divorce. If your original plan was to leave everything to your spouse and then to your child(ren), your ex-spouse may still get much of your estate if you don’t modify your estate plans after divorce.

Things A Family Lawyer Can Help With

Family law is a very diverse section of law and covers many different types of transactions, many during a stressful period in someone’s life and therefore having a great lawyer to assist you through the process is essential. Lawyers follow very strict guidelines when dealing with all their clients and you can rest assured they will always have your best interests at heart.

The Value Of An International Prenuptial Agreement

International clients are now more frequently recognizing that a prenuptial agreement must often be drafted with a view to its potential enforceability in several jurisdictions. The potential jurisdictions might include…

Mediation: The Conflict-Solving Method That Works!

Any kind of dispute between individuals is appropriate for mediation whether it is a divorce agreement, a landlord tenant conflict, or a worker and employer misunderstanding. Where there are people, there are conflicts, but all these conflicts that can be eliminated by a simple mediation instead of pursuing a lawsuit or taking unwarranted action on your own.

Who Can Apply for Single Father Legal Aid?

At other times a single father may be faced with an unemployment problem, which can affect their survival. Single father legal aid is available to such dads who are going through this tough stage in their lives.

Legal Help For Single Mothers

This is the reason why it becomes quite imperative for her to seek legal help for single mothers. The single mothers should know that they are entitled to child support from the other party. The biological father of the child must support the mother in bringing up the children.

Signing A Prenuptial Agreement

After waiting your whole life you finally found your dream spouse. Your entire relationship was perfect from day one.

Getting Divorced? Check Your Facebook Page!

Facebook has become a divorce attorney’s dream. People post on Facebook things that in the past an attorney could only have gotten by hiring a private investigator. It seems today that everyone is sharing their dirty laundry with their online friends. If you are getting a divorce or even thinking about getting a divorce take a hard look at your Facebook page. Is there anything on there that you wouldn’t want your spouse, attorneys, or the judge to see?

5 Suggestions For Staying Calm During a Divorce Hearing

You’ve hired an attorney, maybe you have been to mediation, and now you are going to your first divorce hearing. It might be a hearing for temporary custody or temporary alimony or it could be that you have skipped the temporary hearings and you are going straight to trial on custody or support. Either way, I’m sure you are nervous and a little unsure about what is going to happen. Here are 5 Tips on how to keep your cool during a court hearing or trial.

The Top 5 Quick Divorce Causes

No marriage is plain sailing but more couples than ever before are turning to a quick divorce. In this article we’ll be looking at the top 5 divorce causes and why they result in a quick divorce.

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