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10 Things Solicitors Have to Know About Family Law Reforms Within 2014

For family law solicitors there is a lot! No really, changes everywhere. Don’t under-estimate just how much will change, this isn’t just about the actual single family court or changes in terminology or perhaps a new court seal.

I Am Thinking About Divorce: What Do I Need to Know?

One of the most difficult times in a person’s life is when they find out they are getting a divorce or are needing one. It is a life changing event. It puts stress not only on the individual parties to the divorce but there are collateral stresses as well. These collateral stresses relate to the impact of divorce on your children, personal finances, dealing with familial relationships no mention a few, and dealing with an unknown future to mention a few. This article is to help offer some guidance in navigating these waters.

Family Law Firms – Handling Cases In The Best Way

Whenever there is a dispute in a family, it can be resolved by doing a family meeting. It is always better to say things out to your family members in case there is any misunderstanding rather than keeping it to yourself. It has always been the small issues that get bigger over time and creates a traction between relationships.

How To Work Out Whether You Are Entitled To Alimony

In cases of divorce or legal separation, one partner may be require to pay spousal support (otherwise known as alimony or maintenance) to the other, to help to ease their transition towards being a single person, and to help to ensure that they are able to continue living in the manner that they are accustomed to. Contrary to popular belief, alimony is not always paid from the husband to the wife.

Can Common Law Spouses Get Divorced?

If you are common law married, but want a divorce, there are a few questions to answer. Attorneys for family law will help you determine if a divorce is necessary or possible.

Adultry and Cheating Spouse Investigations – The Process of Surveillance

Surveillance is the most advertised method of catching a cheating spouse, proving adultry, documenting childcare environments, catching dishonest employees, and for documenting any kind of activity. The process of surveillance is quite different than it is portrayed in modern media. The prospective client should know the difference between the surveillance seen in popular television cop dramas and reality shows and the real practice of this investigative technique. Professional surveillance investigators are anonymous, even standing next to you. They can obtain clear color images anywhere the subject goes, without their ever knowing.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself and Your Spouse About Estate Planning

Is your estate planned? If not use these 10 questions as a starting point to help you and your spouse begin estate planning. Don’t wait until you are older, start today to prepare for the future.

What to Expect From Your Divorce Attorneys

At some point you may find your marriage on the rocks and the only option is to legally separate in a divorce. This is an unpleasant time for both parties and can increase stress levels and it’s exceptionally difficult to eliminate emotion from the process.

Prenuptial Agreement Form

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract signed by both parties prior to their marriage that specifies each party’s assets, rights, debts and property before the marriage. The prenuptial agreement contract also details how all assets are divided in case of a divorce. Learn about the advantages and pitfalls.

How to Deal With a Divorce That Involves Adultery

Whether you are the spouse being accused or the one who is alleging adultery, going through a divorce with a discovery of adultery can be difficult. To help make your divorce as smooth as possible, here are some expert tips that can benefit either party.

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