Custody Mediation is an Alternative to Expensive Litigation in Family Court

Can Domestic Violence Be Filed Against Daughter-In-Law?

The Domestic Violence Act was primarily passed for protection of women from violence in a domestic setup. The article explores the question whether the Domestic Violence Act can be invoked against an abusive daughter-in-law by the mother-in-law.

Reasons to File for an At-Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania

Ending a marriage can be a grueling process, no matter the situation. Even if the two people agree to the split, there still could be legal concerns and issues. The person filing carries the burden of choosing whether to file a no-fault or an at-fault divorce. Choosing which to file could be complicated, but a family law attorney can help you through the process.

What Grandparents Need to Know About Visitation Rights

In today’s modern world of divorce, even grandparents may be entitled to visitation rights. Finding a family lawyer or divorce attorney that can also address grandparents’ rights may be helpful for cases where this is an important topic for parent and child.

What Is Divorce Mediation and Why It Might Be Good for You

There are cost effective and time efficient ways to divorce rather than hiring an attorney and litigating. Divorce and custody mediation creates a safe, cooperative setting for the parties to discuss emotional and substantive issues and engage in collaborative problem-solving. They will open lines of communication and help the parties gain clarity and a better understanding of each others interests.

Adultery – A Matrimonial Offense

The article discusses the ground of adultery for divorce with a detailed description of the ingredients of the offense. The article also discusses the standards of proof required to prove this matrimonial offense and case laws on the same.

A Brief Guide To New Zealand’s Family Laws Governing Separation Or Divorce

Getting separated or divorced is never easy especially if there are children involved. However, this may be the only recourse available if one is stuck in an unreasonable relationship or is in an abusive or violent one. Here is a brief overview of the laws governing families in New Zealand.

Making a Will Is a Legal As Well As Familial Responsibility – Reasons

Wills or last testaments have been very important Legal Documents since their supposed invention of the bureaucratic ancient Romans. The division of property or ownership of a man’s estate among his successors has long been the favorite topic of legal practitioners. A will is a pretty powerful legal document that contains the procedure of division and the list of possessions or assets that are to be divided. The will contains every detail of the possessions of the will maker, deceased or the property owner and their disposal to his successors or remaining family members.

Making the California Probate System Work for You

In California, a Probate can take anywhere from 8 months to many years to complete depending on the circumstances. If all the heirs or beneficiaries are in agreement, the process will take less time.

Introduction to Divorce Lawyers

A lawyer specializing in matters of family law, particularly divorce, is known as a divorce attorney. As each jurisdiction has many different laws, a competent attorney helps his/her clients to become aware of their rights as per the applicable laws. In certain cases, it is possible to obtain decree for divorce without spending a lot of money and time in court.

When You Should Call For A Domestic Violence Attorney

Are you looking for a domestic violence attorney? Keep reading this post to get some great tips which can help you choose the best attorney.

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