Can you put a price on Closure?

Family Law Courts Are The Perfect Option For Solving Family Disputes

There are several cases in the court of justice and the varieties in them ranges a lot. So, there are certain classifications in the courts present in any judicial system of the country. Some of them like civil, criminal, consumer, taxation and many more are categorised according to the types of cases that come in the court’s way.

Unreavel The Truth About The Legal DNA Test Process

Don’t be overwhelmed by the thought of going through a legal DNA test. As you’ll see, it’s not as complicated as you may think. The key is to know what is required in your state, and to do business with a reputable company so you can count on getting an accurate and legally acceptable result that will be admissible in court. While the article below outlines general information and requirements, be sure you speak with a representative first to know the test you order will work for you.

What You Need To Know About The Divorce Process

There are many things that you should be aware if you are going through divorce. This article provide important and useful information on the divorce process and what you should be aware of.

How to Save Money on Divorce

Divorce can be the most expensive proposition of your life, or not. This article will tell you how to reduce the expense associated with separation and divorce.

Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff in Divorce

There has been much talk about the fiscal cliff and how to resolve it. The basic formula seems pretty simple- spend less and earn more. Anyone following the news lately knows that this was anything but simple for Congress.

Proving a Case of Cohabitation to Modify Your Alimony Obligation

Proving a case of cohabitation to modify or terminate alimony must be done the right way the first time because there may be no second chances. To improve your chance of success, you need to gather the appropriate evidence.

Alternative Dispute Resolution – Family Mediation

Family Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Mediation is a way that disputes can be settled outside of the courtroom. Sometimes it is ordered by the court system.

Hiring An Experienced Divorce Lawyer Is A Wise Decision

Those facing divorce should familiarize themselves with their legal rights. Seeking the advice of a qualified divorce lawyer can help such individuals to accomplish this task. Various laws are typically involved in the aforementioned process, which many consumers find overwhelming.

Divorce Law in Maryland

According to the guidelines of Maryland Family Law, marriage is considered as a civil contract entered into by two parties. When due to some personal unavoidable reasons, couples want to end their marriage completely, i.e. complete dissolution of marriage, it is termed as divorce.

Estimating Contributions During A Marriage or De Facto Relationship

Estimate the percentages of contributions of each spouse or partner in a marriage or de facto relationship. Based partially on these totals, the lawyer divides the couple’s properties equitably after separation.

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