Attorney Lesa Koski Interviews Her Divorce Client who Became a Mediator on Doing Divorce Different

I Love You! Now, Sign On The Dotted Line

Signing a contract isn’t romantic. However, a prenuptial agreement, or a written instrument spelling out what to expect in the case of a split is something people planning to build a life together should always consider.

Divorce: He Had An Affair, Will I Get More Of Our Property?

Unfortunately, a spouse’s wrongdoing won’t have much to do with how the court divides your marital property. Even a child custody award isn’t based on how the parents acted during their marriage unless the children were effected by the behavior in question.

Divorce: What Happens If She Spends All Of Our Money?

If you blow the family fortune right before you get divorced, you will pay the piper when it comes time for property settlement. If you spend money because you have a genuine need, you aren’t as likely to suffer consequences.

Get Ready, Get Set, File A Divorce Petition

You can get a divorce petition form for free at your county courthouse, your public library or on line. Starting your divorce is easy. Here is the information you will need for your divorce petition.

Beyond the Divorce Lawyer: 6 Ways to Help Your Kids Through the Process

Your children are innocent bystanders in the breakup of your marriage. Follow these tips from an experienced divorce lawyer to help them through the breakup.

Select The Right Family Law Attorney To Get A Hassle-Free Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a distressing time. Not only is having to break off as special a relationship as marriage a traumatic experience, the task of choosing a good divorce lawyer can make it even tougher for you.

Your Divorce Exit Strategy

A divorce exit strategy works in conjunction with the divorce decree or final settlement. Review these areas to ensure that the details in the divorce decree are followed on an agreeable timeline.

What Does Your Credit Look Like?

Many people believe that when the divorce process is over, then the shared debts are automatically split. This is never the case. One of the questions we ask our clients is regarding the credit cards and who is the primary and who is the signer. Believe it or not most everyone has no idea. The credit report will show us if the debt is in the name of the husband or wife. In fact it is beneficial if both parties share their credit reports during discovery, mediation, or settlement meetings. We have found in our practice that a lot of debt must be split. All debts are not treated the same either. The personal loans, credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages go with the party that holds the debt.

Divorce: If You Don’t Settle, Your Judge Will Probably Do It Wrong

If you leave your divorce up to the judge, you and your ex may both be disappointed. You should settle out of court if you possibly can.

Financial Infidelity

People would be surprised just how much spouses lie, cheat and steal from each other. What most often is revealed during the divorce process is financial cheating. Hidden bank accounts, loans on 401(k)s, unknown credit cards, personal loans and equity lines to pay off secret credit cards or even worse to support another person outside of the marital home. In a 2010 survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education found that 31 percent of people admitted to hiding information about debt, purchase, or bank balances from their spouses.

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