Arizona Divorce Mediation

How Divorce Works

Finding your way through Utah’s family law courts can be confusing and intimidating. By understanding the basic divorce process and common divorce laws, you can gain confidence in the courtroom and in negotiations.

A Collaboration Model of Adoption Part 2

A colloborative model of adoption begs for a process of implementing the model. Who are the players and how does the model fit into creating an adoption that addresses the best interest of the child and the eventual adult adoptee for life? The second installment of “A Collaboration Model of Adoption” identifies those who assist the collaborative adoption process.

The Many Functions of a Family Lawyer

What are the different roles and responsibilities of a family lawyer? Read this article and you will understand the duties of these legal professionals better. You’ll surely see the advantages of working with one in the future.

Telling Children About Divorce

When considering separation or divorce your head may be all over the place and it’s difficult to manage your feelings. One thing you have to do however is consider your child and prepare them by talking to them about what it may mean for them. Be prepared to offer them much reassurance as they will need a great deal of emotional support.

Considerations Regarding Divorce and Restraining Orders

Does your divorce require a restraining order? In the state of California restraining orders are issued in order to protect individuals from being physically or even emotionally harmed. The person who obtains the order is legally known as the protected person and the person who has the order filed against them is called the restrained person.

Retroactive Child Support in Texas

The State of Texas has a valid interest in ensuring that parents are required to provide for their children. If parents do not accept this responsibility, the State of Texas becomes responsible for helping to provide for the child’s basic necessities through state funded programs like food stamps and welfare. To prevent necessary reliance on government programs when a couple files a Divorce, a Suit Affecting the Parent Child Relationship, or a Paternity lawsuit, the judge will require that child support be established.

Post Divorce: Brave New World or Not?

Once you have made the decision to get a divorce, or marriage dissolution, you learn that is just the first decision to be made. A myriad of other important questions soon follows.

Billion Dollar Divorce: You May Have Something in Common

If there are marital assets which have grown over the years, it is important to determine when the asset was no longer part of the marriage. This could potentially greatly affect your settlement. Businesses which are owned jointly, or property such as homes or investments, are all important assets which need to be fully disclosed and evaluated.

High Conflict Divorces

Divorce is often accompanied with negative emotions. It is rare that parties terminate their marriage on an amicable basis. Being served with divorce papers often leads to a spouse feeling rejected, embarrassed, angry and hurt.

Divorce: Did You Know?

While knowing silly facts or startling statistics won’t help you have a happy marriage, it does make you think. There are many unknown facts and information about divorce which are not commonly known about. Some are even funny, proving that even a subject with as much hurt and stress can bring an occasional smile. If you have found yourself in an unhappy marriage, you may need to find a family law attorney to assist you.

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