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Five Things to Consider Before You File for Divorce

Five Things to Consider Before You File for Divorce: Recognize your biggest concerns. Every divorce begins with warning signs. Whether you are considering divorce because of infidelity, money woes, or other issues in the relationship that have become untenable, the full scope of your concerns (and possibly challenges) may or may not be readily recognizable.

Children and Divorce – Helping Them Cope

Where any child is concerned, when their parents are getting a divorce, this is a very confusing, sad, and stressful time. They may question what life is going to be like in the future or be angry because their father and mother are going to be living apart on a permanent basis. It is never easy where children and divorce are concerned, no matter how smoothly things go between the parents.

What We Can Learn From Celebrity Breakups

It doesn’t matter who you are, how many people you know (or know you), or how much money you make. Everyone, regardless of fame or fortune, will face the same life lessons in patience and strength when going through a divorce. Celebrity does not make the emotional and psychological challenges any easier, and it is likely that the media scrutiny exacerbates them.

How To Check If Someone Is Married

Today it is not very difficult to find out if someone is married or not. Now you can know the marital status of the person, but you can also track down who a person is married to and sometimes even where they were married. Previously, government documents were not available to open the research for the public and it was very difficult to trace a person’s marital status.

Five Reasons You Should Not Use A Solicitor

Solicitors can be very useful in many life experiences but they are not the best people to turn to when going to the family court in relation to residence and contact matters. There are five compelling reasons why I would argue that it is not in parents’ interests to instruct a solicitor in private law family court proceedings.

Explaining the Types of Child Custody

With several different types of child custody, a family going through the divorce process can easily become frustrated and confused. Fortunately, a divorce attorney can provide families with the relief and legal advocacy they need to make the right decision.

Steps to Take If Your Ex-Spouse Isn’t Sending You Child Support Payments

When an ex-spouse fails to make child support payments, a mother can feel alone in attempting to find help. There are, however, steps that can be taken to ensure that not only are the payments resumed, but the back payments are made in full.

How Divorce Negatively Affects Children

For the last ten years, the American divorce rate has hovered around fifty percent. It’s sad to think that, of all the couples who have married in the last twelve months, approximately half of them could eventually split. It doesn’t seem so common anymore to learn that many of the children who attend school with yours now live with one parent, or a parent who has remarried. If you find your marriage is headed in the same direction, you need to take the time to consider how your divorce will affect your children.

Can I Still File for Spousal Support Even Though It Has Been Five Years Since My Divorce?

The purpose of spousal support-also called alimony-is to make sure a partner who may not make as much as the other partner or who may not have adequate training to enter the job market is able to maintain a reasonable standard of living to which they had grown accustomed. But what if you do not pursue alimony or are not awarded it in the settlement, and want to explore the possibility of getting it a few years down the road? Make sure you talk to your attorney, as each case will vary in its conditions and, perhaps, its outcome.

3 Questions That Will Concern You When Hiring Family Law Firms

But don’t decide just by depending on charges. Here are a few concerns you should also ask before you consider selecting a particular family law firm.

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