5 Tips for a Successful Divorce Mediation in Maryland

5 Tips for Negotiating a Property Settlement Agreement

In Virginia, a Property Settlement Agreement is used to resolve custody, support, and property issues between people who want to get a divorce. This article explains 5 considerations to keep in mind when negotiating a Property Settlement Agreement.

Engagement Ring – Gift or Community Property?

Wedding proposals are special moments and we have all heard, or seen on YouTube, the creative and romantic deliveries of an engagement ring. Stories of a ring being tied around a dozen roses, being baked inside a cake, being handed over while sky-diving, or being delivered by the loyal family dog. Engagements days are memories to cherish.

Divorce Agreements: The Role of an Attorney

If you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, you’re probably trying to understand exactly how the divorce is going to play out: how much will it cost, how complicated will it be, and if you really need an attorney. For most people, having an attorney who focuses in family law is essential in some part of the divorce process, but the role the attorney plays depends greatly on your individual circumstances. For couples who enter into a hostile or contested divorce, each spouse will need an attorney to represent their individual interests.

I Need a Divorce: Now What?

If you are coming to the realization that your marriage is ending, you’re probably trying to figure out how to wrap things up legally so that you can move on emotionally and financially from your soon to be former spouse. But where do you go from here? How you approach divorce depends greatly on your individual situation.

Establishing Legal Paternity of Your Child

As our society changes, more and more children are being born outside of wedlock. In fact, 40% of all women in the US are unmarried at the time they deliver their baby. But the old rules of society are still around.

Divorcing? 5 Aspects to Consider in Your Divorce Agreement

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you still have one last piece of business to settle as a couple- your divorce settlement. Divorce settlements become legally binding documents that must be approved by the court system before your marriage is legally terminated. Regardless of if you and your spouse are each hiring divorce attorneys or if you are going to sort your divorce agreement out in mediation, there are five aspects you should be thinking about as you prepare to meet with your legal team.

Are You an Unmarried Father? Know Your Rights

More and more often, children are born to unmarried parents. In many circumstances, the unmarried parents are amicable and sign an affirmation of paternity which protects the legal rights of the father to his child. Other times, a mother may be able to establish the legal paternity of the father through court proceedings and genetic testing.

Winning Court Strategies

Many divorce judgments are not reflective of the true family situation. Lawyers or 3rd party service providers may have spun the information and therefore greatly affect the outcome and/or prevent certain crucial information from being admitted into court. If you are not not happy with your outcome you may appeal the judge’s decision usually within 30 days although the rules governing an appeal varies across USA and Canada. The Judges know this and very often do nothing about it even though they have tremendous prerogative powers sitting as a judge. If however, a litigant doesn’t do anything about it the court order (doesn’t appeal the order), then it becomes permanent unless a variation of sorts takes place due to unforeseen material change in circumstance/s. The lives for a parent, family, extended family and children will change forever for good and bad. Learn how to commence, serve and perfect a family divorce or civil appeal.

Custody Relocation In Pennsylvania

Custody battles involving relocation of a child can be difficult. One parent is afraid that the move will disrupt their relationship with the child. The other believes that the move will allow them to improve their (and the child’s) life – and resents their x’s attempt to control their life.

Legal Jargon

Once you have decided to represent yourself during your divorce (pro se), you will need to quickly learn the most common terms that you will encounter throughout the process and how they apply to your case. Some of them are fairly straight forward, while others a bit more complicated or not as obvious. When you first walk into the courtroom or start dealing with the paperwork that you have to successfully fill out, everything is going to look like Greek to you anyway.

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